MSI Unveils N285GTX SuperPipe 2G Graphics Card

Huge diameter, extra-large memory, and cooling to match

MSI unveils N285GTX SuperPipe 2G graphics card

Leader in graphics card cooling technology, MSI International is always inventing new, better thermal designs to give our customers the most efficient products. Launched today, the N285GTX SuperPipe 2G is not only powered by one of the most powerful GPU in the market – the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 – but also adds an amazing 2GB GDDR3 RAM, and utilizes MSI’s exclusive SuperPipe and Twin Frozr thermal design. This card dominates the market with peak performance in both graphics and cooling efficiency.

MSI SuperPipe technology

The N285GTX SuperPipe 2G is one of the most powerful cards equipped MSI SuperPipe technology. The heatpipe on a graphics card is a very important component which is responsible for MSI N285GTX SuperPipe 2G dissipating heat away from the GPU to the surrounding fins. The thicker the heatpipe, the faster the heat can flow to allow better cooling. MSI SuperPipe technology is using 8mm thick heatpipe that is 60% thicker than the traditional heatpipes, and improves the cooling by 90%. With such performance, there is no doubt that MSI SuperPipe technology is perfect thermal solution for high-end graphics cards.

Twin Frozr thermal design

The N285GTX SuperPipe 2G uses MSI all new Twin Frozr thermal design, which features an intelligent dual-PWM fan design that changes speed with the GPU’s temperature and load to keep it cool. During idle condition, the card remains almost silent, and even when the card is running 3D games, the Twin Frozr design remains quiet while efficiently eliminating the heat of GPU. The dual-fan design also offers twice the cooling efficiency and protects from any single fan failing that makes the system malfunctioned due to overheating.

Additionally, Twin Frozr cooling system uses an industry leading 5-heatpipe design that outperforms other two – four pipe designs by greatly increasing the speed of the heat flow. This design spreads the heat out through the heatpipes to the fins, and then dual fan system quickly carries the heat away.

2GB memory – Push your game settings to the max

More and more DirectX® 10 games are offering ever more realistic environments to gamers who are demanding the absolute best visual effect which requires much more video memory than reference design. For example, recently the hottest game, Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4), requires 1.5 GB of graphics memory to run smoothly with turning on its special effects to maximum.

MSI builds upon its recent N260GTX Lightning which has 1792 MB of video memory, and will attract even more positive attention from the media and markets with the N285GTX SuperPipe 2G series which double memory to a whopping 2GB. MSI N285GTX SuperPipe 2G sports the most video memory in its class, and is sure to satisfy gamers’ desire for high quality and blazing fast performance.

Via:  MSI
acarzt 5 years ago

What's next? a GTX295 with 3.5GB of RAM? You've really gotta start wondering if all of this video memory is really necessary? I mean it wasn't that long ago when 256MB of VRAM was a LOT. I can imagine that the same rule of the past holds true here tho... adding more RAM to the same platform does NOTHING for performance at low resolutions. ESPECIALLY with AA and AF off. I don't think that even at Higher Resolutions the extra RAM will make a difference. I would like to be proven wrong tho :-) Let's see some reviews directly comparing the larger ram sizes to their smaller ram sized counterparts at the same clock speeds :-D

AParsh335i 5 years ago

Acarzt...who in their right mind would buy a GTX 285 to run games with no AA, no AF, and low resolution...cmon.

3vi1 5 years ago

Us Linux users, running games under Wine. LoL

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

[quote user="3vi1"]

Us Linux users, running games under Wine. LoL


lol yeah, My 4870 running Team Fortress 2 with no AA/AF in DX8.1 mode.

Also IDK about thes cards, but the 4870s did see a good jump in performance at high resolutions with the extra 512MBs of ram.

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