MSI Launches Colorful New VR220 YA Notebook


Available in Denim Blue, Coral Pink, Wasabi Green and Empire Black, the VR220 combines the latest mobile technology with style 

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA - November 19, 2008 - MSI Computer, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the new VR220 YA Edition Notebook.  Available in Denim Blue, Coral Pink, WASABI Green and Empire Black, the VR220 combines the latest in mobile technology with brilliant color and style.   Beautiful inside and out, these eye pleasing notebooks also feature Intel® Pentium® Dual-core processors and MSI's exclusive ECO Engine Power Management System, which allows users to alternate between 5 different operating modes to conserve battery life.  By simply pressing the quick launch sensor, users can choose from Gaming, Movie, Presentation, Office, or Turbo Battery modes to fit their power consumption needs. The VR220 also features an optional TV Tuner for recording and watching your favorite digital programming on the VR220's Amazing Crystal Vision widescreen display.

"Notebooks have become as much a fashion accessory as they are a computer," says Andy Tung Director of Sales, MSI US.  "The VR220 gives consumers the option to own a notebook that offers great performance without sacrificing aesthetics."

MSI packed all those features to clean magnesium alloy case, which weighs less than 4 pounds.  Mobile users will also enjoy the VR220's 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN, and should have no trouble surfing the web at high speeds at school, the airport or at their favorite café.  The notebook also features a built-in 3 in 1 Card Reader, 1.3 M webcam and a multimedia burner drive for quickly connecting a digital photo and video cameras.  
Full specs below:

Via:  MSI
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recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

MSI is really pumping out products. I've only owned 1 MSI product so far and was more than satisfied with it. It was an 8800GTS(G92)OC'ed out of the box which I passed on to a friend who has enjoyed it ever since. In the future I wouldn't think twice about buying or recommending their brand!

They seem to strike a very good balance between price and performance.

tanka12345 6 years ago

MSI are starting to become well known now, I didn't even know about them a few weeks ago! Great work MSI Smile

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

[quote user="tanka12345"]

MSI are starting to become well known now, I didn't even know about them a few weeks ago! Great work MSI Smile


They have been making motherboards for years. I owned one about 4 years ago and was not to happy with it. It looks like they are trying to build a better name for themselves now. Might be time for me to give them another go.

MikeL_HH 6 years ago

They've also been making notebooks for a few years now. They've just never had any sort of retail presence before, until the Wind.

^Bad_Boy^ 6 years ago

Yeah they've been around for quite a while.. and they make pretty sweet Motherboards with tons of extra features..

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