MSI Announces R6870 Hawk with Propeller Blade Technology

MSI wants you to know that its new R6870 Hawk videocard totally blows, but in a good way. The card comes equipped with the Twin Frozr III cooling solution, and according to MSI, it's the world's fastest graphics card to use propeller blade technology. Confused? Let us explain.

"Propeller Blade" technology is essentially MSI's fancy pants way of saying the fans on the heatsink are specially designed to push more air. Grooves on the surface of the fan blades purportedly extend the range of the air flow, resulting in 20 percent more air being pushed over the hot silicon underneath. Compared to the reference design, MSI says you can expect temps to drop by up to 21 degrees.

In typical MSI fashion, the company is also touting "Military Class Components," such as Hi-C capacitors, Super Ferrite Chokes, and all solid caps, the combination of which is supposed to lead to superior overclocking headroom.

The R6870 ships from MSi with a 930MHz core clockspeed and 1024MB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4200MHz on a 256-bit bus. Missing, however, is any word on price or availability.
Via:  MSI
rapid1 3 years ago

The one thing that always get's me on these MSI cooling product's as well as those from other manufacturers is the body of the cooling. Why do they leave it open, yes it has enhanced fans, which means it will cool the GPU/Memory/PCB better by blowing heat all over your case.

Dave_HH 3 years ago

No question about it, a closed shroud with exhaust keeps your case cooler.

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="Dave_HH"]No question about it, a closed shroud with exhaust keeps your case cooler.[/quote]

All the more reason not to slack off with your case's fans if you own a card that doesn't vent it's heat to the outside of the case. There are plenty of high air flow and low volume, case fans on the market these days. Investing in them to replace the regular fans in a case is worth the money and a smart idea.

coolice 3 years ago

It is perhaps these fans breathe more air?

for example, Thing of it like an exhaust for a kitchen... if you have a really powerful fan, and the hole/pipe is only 4 inches thick... your going to create some serious overflow, thus stress on the motor.

put in a 6 inch hole... thing sucks more air that you wont smell mums ocean water fish being fried.

Same concept here i guess...I wonder how loud these turbines will be

detnight 3 years ago

Beats the old days of opening the case and setting a fan on the sideof the case. But my favorite was the drier vent hose run from the A/C duct to my case for cooling due to over clocking, my wife did not like this at all it only lasted one night. As so as she got up the next morning and came into the computer room it was taken down. But at least the house was cool. and I thought the computer room was mine, I guess I was wrong...........................

OSunday 3 years ago

Two of my friends both have GTX 460's in their computers, one of them is an MSI brand with a frozr cooler, and the other is an Nvidia name brand card.

Neither of them have measured the exact temps, but both their cases have the same number of fans in term of quantity and size, both the cards are clocked at the same speed and they have near identical components and I can tell you that the air coming out of the case with the Nvidia stock card is at a warm temperature compared to the one with a frozr where the air is quite cool.

Not sure what thats saying considering theres alot of variables involved, but I think the twin frozr coolers make a difference in cooling and temperature

rapid1 3 years ago

I think largely with the Frozr models that heatsink plays a big role. I was initially just whining because it primarily if not completely drops it inside the case, rather than containing it in a strict exhaust stream out of the case.

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