Lots of Galaxy Tab Buyer's Remorse: 16 percent

It seems that Samsung Galaxy Tab buyers are experiencing a huge amount of buyer's remorse, after purchasing the devices. Perhaps they've heard about the Motorola Xoom and Honeycomb.

At any rate, ITG Investment Research says that 13 percent of Galaxy Tab purchases have been returned overall, with the holiday shopping season showing a higher number, as much as 16 percent. ITG tracked point-of-sale data from the Galaxy Tab’s November debut through Jan. 15.

When you consider that the return rate for the iPad at Verizon since its debut on the carrier is just 2 percent, that's a pretty bad comparison. It's possible the multiple announcements at CES, of much better Android tablets running Honeycomb had something to do with it, but it's unclear.
Via:  Digital Daily
coolice 3 years ago

I hate to say it... but i wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that around 80% of the people who returned the item realized they had no use for it?

I wonder if this hypothesis is true (this is my 'guesstimate')

-People who purchased the ipad did so for the sole purpose because they just thought, OH, I"M SO BUYING TIHS cool nifty device. They were caught up in between good marketing and consumerism. Didnt really buy the device because they thought i could change everything, but rather bought it just because its apple and cool.

- 2% of those people, realized, blah, not that great returned it

-other people, after waiting, [them] being a tad bit more smarter and tech-savvy decided, hey, Cool, we'll get the samsung tab cause it can doo so much more than the ipad... and we hate apple cause they did/do x-y-z.

We'll buy our android power device and be cool, cause it aint apple.

- annd, go back to me first few lines.

Its just a though that came at 645 in the morning after shovelling snow and staying awake the entire night anticipating 30 - 50cms....over exaggerated by the media, as it only snowed like 5cms, and they're expecting another 5cms tops.

You have a better chance winning the lottery than predicting the weather successfully in Canada. Its just safe to say, "its sunshine, and by 5pm its dark"

3vi1 3 years ago

>> i wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that around 80% of the people who returned the item realized they had no use for it?

Exactly what I was thinking.

That's how I've been able to justify not buying one: I'd just use it as a toy - so I might as well wait for the next gen toys before shelling out the cash.

No snow here, but I it's 18F at the moment in Texas. If it does snow even a drop (Thursday or Friday as they claim) then I expect the roads to be clogged with wrecked cars - since I constantly see people who can't drive even in the best weather.

rapid1 3 years ago

I have one thing to say to the remorseful buyers of this tab especially. That is we have this new fangled thing called the internet, and you can look over news, reviews, and often release dates for models as well as whole series of electronic (specifically computational devices) at sites like hothardware.com. If you use this internet tool for things like this you will often not have buyers remorse, or at least know the company who released a windows slate device roughly 4 months prior to CES, might be releasing another one soon.

coolice 3 years ago

rapid1... i can agree with you till some extent...

Reviews and opinions are... well, biased... very one sided.

Let me give you an example.....I have a sony mp3 player... the reviews were Meh... average at best. I did a ton of research before i purchased the device. People said it was too small... the UI wasnt the best, couldnt customize etc. Not as nice looking at the ipod touch or zune or the creative zen's (i was upgrading my creative zen micro).

So sony was totally out of the question.

One day i went to the mall, and decided, what the heck, i'm here, let me just go and see how shitty the mp3 player is..... This was in 2007.

Rapid1, i kid you not... i really liked it. I loved the physical buttons... they were solid, i liked how the jack was placed on the top right corner vs the bottom. I liked that i could change songs.... loved the fact that it was tiny. Best part, i can put it in any pocket without worrying about anything. And since it only cost me like $50... i mean, i dont have to worry about it much... scratches, dropping it here and there etc. its a great little device.

I mean sure i saw the video's and what not.... but when i actually used the device, i was a changed man. I picked it up.

I still use that as my daily mp3 player... great device... lasts me like 30 hours on a single charge.


rapid1 3 years ago

I get that coolice, but when these were released almost every review on them said something about new ones with better abilities being released in less than 6 months by the same OEM over the same cellular networks, and everything. Where as you knew the dirt, and just decided to see what you thought, and ended up liking it. On the other hand (or remorseful buyers hand if you will), they could have looked almost anywhere and known this was going to happen.

I am as of now listening to a pair of Sennheiser last generation HD 202's (headphones), which were a great buy a couple years ago on a Newegg email. I got 2 of them and they have performed exceptionally well especially seeing as I got them for dirt (40 or 45 each w/free shipping). They need replacing now, and of course I could have gotten better, but the specs I knew as well as the reviews.

There is a big difference in getting a good enough well performing device, and having 100 reviews on release of an item that state that there will be exact but better devices for the same thing from all the same providers, and then whining buyers remorse.

coolice 3 years ago

Well, you'll always have first adopters, bless their souls... if it isnt for them... we wouldnt have those 100's of reviews.

Also, new technology is always on the horizon... doesnt matter. right now i need a mid-level graphics card, around 150$... this has been pending since summer... why? cause in the summer... nvidia 500's series were being talked about, coming out in 6 months.... so i waited 6 months... till now. Now im reading reviews of the 6000 series form ati and mid-range cards.

So, i can go out and purchase a graphics card and in the future regret not waiting 6 months... but thats not how I and most other people think... we want to get the best value for the buck spent today.

Speaking of HD202's haha, I have them too! got them a couple of years ago from newegg for pretty darn cheap!

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

“7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad,”

“These are among the reasons that the current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA — dead on arrival,”

digitaldd 3 years ago

Anyone know anyplace I can buy an open box return of a Galaxy Tab sans contract for under $300? maybe that's the problem.

acarzt 3 years ago

I got my lady a Galaxy Tab, she has no complaints :-)

It would be nice if it supported Netflix tho (No android I know of does...)

And the way Samsung releases updates... i'm not holding my breath one 2.3 or 3.0... tho either would be nice!

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