LittleBigPlanet Game Delayed by Quran Reference

In a somewhat similar flap to that over Wikipedia and pictures of the prophet Muhammad, Sony has delayed the hotly-anticipated PS3 game LittleBigPlanet due to the discovery of background music tracks containing two expressions found in the Quran.

The game had been scheduled for North American release Tuesday. Instead, Sony says it will start shipping LittleBigPlanet to N.A. retailers on October 27. Copies of the game that have already shipped elsewhere in the world will be recalled from retailers and replaced, according to Sony.

It was a post by one user, solid_08, has seemingly brought the release to a halt. Part of his post said:
We Muslims consider the mixing of music and words from our Holy Quran deeply offending. We hope you would remove that track from the game immediately via an online patch, and make sure that all future shipments of the game disk do not contain it.
British game developer Media Molecule made the following statement:
We learnt yesterday that there is a lyric in one of the licensed tracks which some people may find offensive, and which slipped through the usual screening processes. Obviously MM and Sony together took this very seriously. LBP should be enjoyable by all. So within 12 hours of hearing about this issue involving a lyric (in Somalian, I believe!), Media Molecule had prepared an automatic day 0 patch and had a new disk image ready; however a decision was made within Sony that the right thing to do for quality and support of people with no on-line was to replace existing disks.


Sony said the following:
During the review process prior to the release of LittleBigPlanet, it has been brought to our attention that one of the background music tracks licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Qur’an. We have taken immediate action to rectify this and we sincerely apologize for any offense that this may have caused.
Of course, the result of the "protest" has not gone without notice at the Sony forums, either.

One poster
said that not all Muslims feel the way solid_08 does:
I would like to point out, that he DOES NOT represent all of US muslims. Quranic verse/words have been mixed with music for songs all over the place and are very popular in countries that are majority muslims.

Here are some examples ...
Another thread asked if the delay set a "dangerous precedent."

We suppose the real question is, is this another example of trying to bend over backwards and be overly politically correct? Or is it simply the right thing to do? What do you readers think?
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Super Dave 6 years ago

I have heard of the 'race card', but now there seems to be a 'religion card' (this thread has the potential to get VERY HOT indeed)!Surprise


Grahf 6 years ago

That's ridiculously stupid. Ask any Islamic holy man his view on it and it'd be a-ok so long as it isn't being used disrespectfully.

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago


Makes sense to me.

ppl probably wouldn't have even noticed were it not brought to their attn. 

Dave_HH 6 years ago

I wonder how many references to the Christian Bible have been made over the years in games? Might be an interesting datapoint if someone has been keeping tabs on that...

3vi1 6 years ago

I'm guessing, more than a few:

The only piece of religious software I ever installed was BiblEdit, and I only installed that because the name implied I can edit the bible. I mean, do you *know* what the eight commandments are?

3vi1 6 years ago

>> We suppose the real question is, is this another example of trying to bend over backwards and be overly politically correct? <<


But then again, it's probably not so much about being politically correct to a specific religion as it is to not angering any small subset of radical extremists that might blow themselves and their enemies up over something as seemingly innocuous as quoting their own bible in song. If you pick one group not to piss off, that would probably be the one to pick.

Dave_HH 6 years ago

Ironic that 3vi1 himself took interest in this story! ;-)

3vi1 6 years ago

[quote user="Dave_HH"]

Ironic that 3vi1 himself took interest in this story! ;-)


Yeah, I just checked in to make sure no one was making fun of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  THAT's where I draw the line.

Dave_HH 6 years ago

True, so true!

Grahf 6 years ago

I was touched by his noodly appendage once... honest.

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

Oh godIndifferent

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