Lian Li's PC-U6 Cowry Case Is Wildest Yet

Well, this is crazy. The case shown here just might be the most strangely designed PC chassis that we have ever seen, and we have definitely seen some strange ones in our day. It's designed by Lian Li, which is a company that's well known for putting together some pretty intense designs. The company calls this "a piece of art," and we guess we can see that. The PC-U6 Cowry case is an aluminum shell that really looks like a seashell. Maybe it's the perfect case to get for your beach-house PC?

Inside of this crazy thing, there's room for three 3.5" HDDs and two 2.5" HDDs, and all of the HDD mounts are tool-less. There's a single 5.25" drive at the top of the front-panel, and you'll find four ventilated PCI slots located on the back-panel with enough space to mount graphics cards as long as 310mm. Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards mount using thumb-screws within the PC-U6 Cowry as well as a standard ATX PS/2 power supply unit, that mounts at the base of the case right above ventilating holes protected by a washable air filter.

Lian Li's special edition Cowry is thermally-optimized as well. Two side-panel 120mm fans keep airflow constantly circulating to prevent heat buildup. Both fans are protected by washable air filters. A fan speed control-switch has been included as well, allowing users to adjust fan speeds as desired. To further aid airflow, designers have incorporated ventilation holes on the front and rear panels of the PC-U6 Cowry and both are protected by washable air filters. Two, rubber-ringed holes are also included for users to be able to easily mount a liquid cooling system.

The case also has two USB 3.0 ports, an eSATA port, and an HD audio port. The special edition, all-aluminum, PC-U6 weighs in at 4.5kg. Its dimensions are 219mm x 500mm x 410mm (W, H, D). It's expected to ship later in the month for $349. Steep, but man, this thing's crazy!

Via:  Lian Li
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fat78 3 years ago

Not loving the exterior design but it does have a nice airflow design.

chrismcfaul 3 years ago

"most strangely designed case you have ever seen"????

how about the Lian Li Pc-777 Memorial Edition which is 5 years old and looks almost identical???

LBowen 3 years ago

I prefer the flipped design on the maingear shift and the thermaltake G10 both of those have some interesting and functional features. Wish my computer had a dust filter too :(

omegadraco 3 years ago

Wahoo I can now have a snail under my desk lol :) The theory does like rather interesting but I think it would need a custom paint job.

AKwyn 3 years ago

Lian Li has always been known for making dope ass ATX cases.

Though it may look crazy, I'm sure this will be a big seller. Hell I'm almost salivating for one myself.

inspector 3 years ago


Nice design, the feature are pretty nice as well :)

realneil 3 years ago

One thing for sure is that this is unique. It's also true to the Lian Li "make 'em bleed at the register" philosophy.

I have to admit that Lian Li's quality is unsurpassed, but I don't like their prices.

nelsoncp21 3 years ago

I thought I recognized that design from a case they released awhile back. wasn't a fan of it then and not a fan of it now. I am usually pretty satisfied with what they release but this one just doesn't suite my taste.

OSunday 3 years ago

What would be awesome is if their cased themed of an "aquatic" or underwater object was water proof or had some innovative liquid cooling design to go with the case, maybe with the water cooling tubes spiraling along the pattern along the shell'ed side?

To bad Lian Li's pricing is just how realneil describes it, they make you bleed at the register and I'd rather go with a brand like Antec or NZXT that make appealing quality products with just as much style and not the ridiculous price tag

EHarler 3 years ago

HH needs to start doing a Pimp my Case sponsor program.  Fish tank and quad-woofers on this baby.  Oh yeah!

AKwyn 3 years ago

[quote user="EHarler"]

HH needs to start doing a Pimp my Case sponsor program.  Fish tank and quad-woofers on this baby.  Oh yeah!


I agree but then again, I don't think an old thread needs to be bumped to express that.

I am however, interested with Marco building a Mineral Oil PC from scratch. (that's the only possible way to make a fish tank PC without the components shorting out on you.)

nelsoncp21 3 years ago

I tend to play around with my components to often to do a submerged pcBig Smile. However I did have an idea once to take a fish tank that sits on a stand or case and put a dome or block inside it with the components sitting under that. It would give the effect of it being in the fish tank but wouldn't actually be submerged. I may still do it on 1 of my future projects.

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