Lenovo ThinkPad X120e Review: AMD Fusion Infused

By now most of you probably know that AMD’s Fusion technology bakes a CPU and GPU into one single piece of silicon.  And while we have already reviewed the E-350 APU by its lonesome, we've been patiently waiting for a system builder to integrate the chip into a retail-ready, ultra-portable notebook. Lenovo has become one of the first to do so, offering two configurations of the new ThinkPad X120e: a $399 build with the E-240 APU, and a $579 build with the E-350 APU, 4GB of RAM and a roomy 320GB (7200RPM) hard drive. Both use an 11.6" display and ship with Windows 7...

Lenovo ThinkPad X120e Review: AMD Fusion Infused

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CDeeter 3 years ago

Woohoo! Come on tax refund, hurry up and get here.

You've really given me something to think about now. I really wasn't thinking about a Lenovo Thinkpad, but after reading this review, I may have to. The Acer and HP Zacate units I have been considering are cheaper but the Lenovo has 4GB of ram and a 7200rpm HDD (don't find that too often), plus a matte screen!

Decisions, decisions. Looks like things are heating up in the netbook/ultra protable space.

coolice 3 years ago

Wow, this really proves that AMD has pulled through. the x100e (neo) ~2 hours of battery life vs ~3.5 hours with zacate. over a ~30% increase... sure its no asus eee, but i'll take processing power over 1-2 extra hours of batter life any day!

Also, $400 for a lenovo? I'd invest in a 100$ more if buying a $300 netbook and get this anyday!

DUDEDEATH999 3 years ago

i luv lenovo its the fastest I LOVE IT

DUDEDEATH999 3 years ago


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