Lenovo Puts ThinkPad X120e On Sale, Starts At $399

At the time of our recent review of Lenovo's ThinkPad X120e, we weren't exactly sure when the machine would go on sale to the public. It was stated that it may be some point in March before Lenovo had them ready to go, but obviously things have been sped up somewhat.

As of now, the X120e can be ordered directly from Lenovo, with a starting price of just $399. As we found in our review, this ultraportable packs a wallop in terms of performance thanks to the use of AMD's Fusion platform (the E-350 APU in particular), and there aren't too many flaws to harp on.

If you were secretly hoping for a few more weeks to make up your mind, we're sorry to spoil that for you, but for everyone else, get your order in now before the line backs everything up. Or, at least Lenovo hopes.
Via:  Lenovo
Super Dave 3 years ago

THAT was a great review of the $579 version, and nice to see that it got the coveted Editor's Choice award. I would be very interested to see a review of the base $399 version, though, if you can do it!

DeltaSquad49 3 years ago

I really like the reviews here and laptops/tablets have been grabbing my attention a lot lately. I personally like the $579 version review too!

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