Lenovo Planning To Open U.S.-Based PC Production Facility Next Year

Ever heard of outsourcing? What about the reverse of that? While most PC makers have been shipping manufacturing to foreign lands for years, it's a Chinese-based company that's looking to bring some of those jobs back to America. Go figure. Lenovo, the company responsible for ThinkPad notebooks, has announced that it'll start producing PCs in North Carolina next year. The plant will start off with around 100 workers, but it's just the start. Lenovo plans to shell out a few million dollars to get it going, and it'll be located not far from Lenovo North America's operational headquarters. The company's quick to point out that this isn't a publicity stunt, though it's pretty much guaranteed to get a ton of attention. After all, if Lenovo can pull this off and have it make sense financially, why can't the other guys?

The company seems pretty adamant that it'll be expanding the U.S. building efforts in the years ahead, but it's hard to tell if your next ThinkPad will be built on U.S. soil. Speaking of which, would you be willing to pay a premium if it were?
Super Dave 2 years ago

This is very good news indeed!

MCaddick 2 years ago

I remember years ago when IBM (Lenovo bought their PC division) manufactured PCs in Wangaratta, a small country city in Victoria in south/east Australia. That was a while ago and it was sad to see the operation close its doors and a large number of workers lose their jobs and a large profitable operation take its profits overseas.

Heres to hoping that the un-offshoring from large corporations can continue.

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