Leaked Moto X Benchmarks Results Show Google’s High-End Smartphone A Top Performer

Although we prefer to wait until we have a chance to run our own benchmark tests before determining the performance capabilities of any hardware for certain, new scores on Rightware's Power Board page indicate that Google’s impending Moto X smartphone can hang with the best of them.

Rightware believes that the “Motorola XT1058” and “Motorola XT1080”, which both have Adreno 320 graphics and scored 8.11 and 8.00 respectively in its Basemark X gaming test, are Moto X models.

Rightware gaming benchmark Google Moto X
Source: Rightware

What’s more, those two scores put the XT1058 in third place for the best score on the board, just behind two Samsung Galaxy S 4’s (models SGH-I337 and GT-I9505). The XT1080 was a close fourth. Not bad for what amounts to a newcomer in the high-end handset market.
Via:  Rightware
Sevags one year ago

Not bad? Isn't the hardware in the Moto X (mainly CPU) almost midrange? Might be the same graphics but it's good to see you don't need a high end CPU in a mobile device to get quality video. Pretty impressive numbers.

Tired_ one year ago

This test is testing the GPU, not the CPU. Moto X has a fantastic GPU with a midrange CPU.

sevags one year ago

Isn't that what I said? Lol

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