LastPass Acquires Xmarks, Will Add Freemium Service

LastPass, the online password manager that stores your passwords in the cloud and syncs them to browser plug-ins and mobile apps, has acquired Xmarks, the troubled online browser bookmark sync service. Xmarks went under for a short time in September.

Xmarks quickly came back to life after user outcry. The company has since tried to stay afloat for its dedicated users. LastPass CEO Joe Siegrist said in an interview:
“They had a large dedicated audience, but their free offering and advertising model was not working,” he said. “We really want to figure something out that could keep it going.”
The "something that could keep Xmarks going" is a freemium model. LastPass using the same model for its service. While LastPass is free, in general, there are premium add-ons that some pay for. An example is synchronizing passwords to mobile devices, which requires a subscription.

On their blog, Xmarks said the following:
Xmarks is transitioning to a “freemium” business model, the same model that allowed LastPass to grow into a thriving, profitable business. The browser add-on and the vast majority of what users have enjoyed remains free. Users can then opt to purchase Xmarks Premium for $12 per year, which includes new enhanced features like Android and iPhone mobile phone apps, priority support, and more. The Xmarks and LastPass Premium offerings are also available bundled together at a reduced subscription rate of $20 per year.

In the interest of full disclosure, it's true that we use LastPass in our browsers and mobile devices. It's also true that we pay for the premium service so we can get mobile access. However, we don't really use bookmarks at all, anymore. Since LastPass will actually browse to a site and then login for us, we see no reason to have bookmarks, or sync them either.

Still, it's good to see that Xmarks will remain. It's well loved, after all.
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OSunday 4 years ago

Ooh I always stayed away from password keepers but now with mobile app integration and alot of stuff im tempted to join, not too mention I could never decide between LastPass or Xmarks which I'd heard alot of positive reviews about on Tekzilla but now I might just trust my passwords to this nifty application

rapid1 4 years ago

I have used Xmarks since it's intro on FireFox. It is not specifically a password vault. I used it for bookmarks. It is especially useful in a mobile support capacity. I can have different user name with different bookmark logs, and toolbars. Then at a customer location load FF in 5 minutes with Xmarks, log in to my needed site links, and wallah everything is at my fingertips.

Afterwards; I just uninstall FF and it is all gone, it worked best if you put it in a desktop folder you can utterly destroy. Either way I only used it for bookmarks not passwords. When Xmarks sent me the notification they would be shutting down I installed Sync in about 2 minutes.

I just love having all my info anywhere I want it as long as I have computer access in minutes.

realneil 4 years ago

I use x-marks to sync my own bookmarks across multiple computers.

I have another account with them that I keep a set of bookmarks on for my customers. If I build their PC, it comes with all of my suggested bookmarks on it when they get it new.

OSunday 4 years ago

I've used google chromes account to sync my bookmarks, the only downside to that I can't explore or take advantage of other browsers so I might take up xmarks for the bookmark capabilities

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