LG Cinemascope Is 105 Inches Of Curve 4K HD TV Love With 5120X2160 Resolution

Need a way to spend a small fortune on a new HDTV? LG has you covered. The company has just started shipping its 105-inch 21:9 curved Ultra HD TV, which might just require a room of its own to properly enjoy. In sum, the screen boasts over 11 million pixels with a 5120x2160 resolution, as well as a 7.2-channel sound system (150-watt) built-in below.

The screen was initially launched at CES, and now it's taking pre-orders in its home market of South Korea. If you're not looking to import, you'll need to wait until Q4 to hear more. Unfortunately, exact pricing details are being kept under wraps, but you can count on it costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Here's a bit straight from LG: “The vision behind LG’s 105-inch 21:9 CURVED ULTRA HD TV was to bring the movie theater into the living room,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV Division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “Featuring a curved 5K CinemaScope screen and a 7.2 channel speaker system, the 105UC9 is LG’s most spectacular ULTRA HD TV yet. This product pushes the envelope in home entertainment innovation and demonstrates what is possible when you bring today’s most advanced TV technologies together.”
Via:  LG
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SeanPatrickCarey 4 months ago

that is a very nice looking TV

kalqlate 4 months ago

I wonder how 5K will play out with 4K getting all of the marketing hype. Content producers will be targeting 4K.

OOs 4 months ago

5K* ?

YsamBayron 4 months ago

10k$++ is not small for some.

ThomasTaege 4 months ago

Movie night?

infinityzen1 4 months ago

And again with the large curved screen. Everyone see's pictures of them and thinks great until they actually try to watch something on them in a non-controlled enviroment.

MADSKILLZ412 4 months ago

Only in my dreams.. D:

Really nice looking TV. Looking forward to when the price for 4k drops. Eventually I hope it will become the new standard HD resolution.

StaticFX 4 months ago



this TV sells for $117,000.. yes.. you read that correctly. Its a newer design which allowed them to sell it for less than the previous model (which was $120,000)


MADSKILLZ412 4 months ago

No thanks, could buy a really nice house for 117 grand. xD

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