Kyocera Echo Dual-Screen Android Phone Reviewed HH Style

We've seen a number of hot smartphones hit the market recently, including the HTC Thunderbolt, Droid Charge, and others. Although each phone has its own appeal, there are also a lot of similarities among today's hottest smartphones—most have a 1GHz processor, at least 16GB of storage in one form or another, at least a 4-inch display, etc.

Sprint and Kyocera weren't content to simply offer more of the same in terms of smartphones. That's where the Kyocera Echo comes in to play. This smartphone features an innovative design with not one, but two, screens. The Echo is the first dual-touchscreen Android-based smartphone to hit the market, and it certainly brings a new experience to Android. Check Jen's full review on the pages ahead...

Via:  HotHardware
jonation 3 years ago

I just can't help but think of this:

jonation 3 years ago

i was going to post a pic of the KFC double down, so just imagine it until my resource exists

coolice 3 years ago

Damn, Finally. i remember reading about this on HH like 3-4 months ago. Damn time flies! The opening mechanism is pretty darn cool!!

I'm thinking this will make DSi game roms possible no? That would be pretty sweeet imo.

CKaye 3 years ago

I probably could not live with this phone at all. the huge gap between the 2 screens is just not what i find appealing at all. good luck sprint.

rapid1 3 years ago

As far as it goes I just got a LG G2X with T-Mobile yesterday. I have 2 weeks to decide if I want to stay, but the phone performs exceptionally well from what I can tell. I know it blows away the Sprint EPIC I had. I actually looked at this specific Kyocera phone as well. I also know the DroidX2/3, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC EVO 3D, Optimus Black, HTC Splendid (or whatever it is they named it) and on and on. This one although cool with the dual screen gimmick was not at snappy as the GX2. Not to mention I got it for 100 bucks at a store (oh and T-mobile is giving you $100 bucks off of any phone until Sunday). While it lists at that store for 199. Then of course the Tegra 3's etc are coming as well as better GPU's, Cameras etc, etc. The shear amount of phones that are slated for delivery in the next 4 months makes you dizzy. Not to mention that those are the announced ones, and there will be many other better units by years end anyway.

inspector 3 years ago

That is a real neat way to open the device, might be a hassle to close though :P. But the design of the whole thing it needs to look less like a DS... Also would be interesting to have the screens back to back xD

The pinch option is a must for me :(

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