Kingston Releases High-Perf 800MHz SO-DIMMs

Kingston Technology Releases High-Performance 800MHz SO-DIMMS

Fountain Valley, CA – June 11, 2008 – Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced it is shipping HyperX 800MHz low-latency DDR2 SO-DIMM notebook memory kits in 2- and 4GB capacities. The latest offering provides mobile computer users an even greater performance and flexibility option as the SO-DIMMs are pre-programmed with three serial presence detect (SPD) profiles, allowing the memory to work in 800MHz-CL5, 667MHZ-CL4 and 533MHz-CL3 low-latency configurations.

The release of the 800MHz SO-DIMM kits continues a series of new performance notebook memory offerings. In May, Kingston launched HyperX 667MHz-CL4 SO-DIMM kits.

Part Numbers:
2GB 800MHz Low-Latency DDR2 (CL5-5-5-18 @ 1.8v) SO-DIMMs, kit of 2 $ 88.00

4GB 800MHz Low-Latency DDR2 (CL5-5-5-18 @ 1.8v) SO-DIMMs, kit of 2 $ 138.00

Kingston HyperX memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and free, 24/7 technical support. For more detailed information please visit

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higgamo 6 years ago

wow not a bad price to beef up someone notebook

Dave_HH 6 years ago
Yeah, I'd all over these myself I think. I'm stuck in DDR2-533 mode. I wonder if the SPD will drive the BIOS to automatically clock things up? Probably depends on the notebook...
ice91785 6 years ago

I am sure you would know much better than me Davo but the way I look at it, about 90% of notebooks out there probably will not clock things up because of the very un-customizable BIOSes that pretty much let you set the time and call it a day.


However I am running 667mhz memory right now but DID find that my notebook has support for 800mhz memory (they were very general so I don't know if it means it'll automatically downclock it to 667 or what) but either way it made my day :) If I didn't just buy a new tv i would love grabbing a pair of these!


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