Intel’s Exascale HPC Revolution and Xeon Phi

Last month, Intel brought us out to the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) in Austin to brief us on its latest and greatest foray into high-performance computing (HPC) and exascale level processing performance.

For Intel, years of heady talk about parallelism and exascale computing have finally come to fruition. Intel is bringing to market a pair of Xeon Phi coprocessor offerings in 2013, the 3100 family and the 5110p, and we’ve got the full scoop for you here...

Intel’s Exascale HPC Revolution and Xeon Phi

Intel Xeon Phi

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realneil 2 years ago

I'm all for this if it helps research move forward faster.

Chinese hu 2 years ago


RWilliams 2 years ago

你好 胡 请, 英文, 谢谢!

Chinese hu 2 years ago

Hello I do not speak English Use Google Translate 

omarioo 2 years ago

wooow intel is making video cards?

magedx9 2 years ago

Sounds very cool CPUs on pci-e cards good for servers because u can use those extra pci-e slots to get more server power

dorkstar 2 years ago

I read a report that said many supercomputers planned to be built in the future are scrapping nvidia's tesla for these new Xeon phi's. Who knows how these could change the world?

AndrewElliott one year ago

I'm all for accelerating the progress of SCIENCE!

warsoul one year ago

We need that kind of stuff for hardcore gaming devices. 500$ range

Clixxer one year ago

That's pretty cool. I hadn't heard of these before but if they can do what Intel wants them to do then +1 for intel!

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