Intel Z68 Express with Smart Response Technology

If you look back to our coverage of the Sandy Bridge launch, we tested the two premiere chipsets in the 6-series, the enthusiast-targeted P67 and mainstream H67. Fundamentally, the two chipsets were very similar (and are based on the same piece of silicon), but each had a specific feature set designed for its target audience. For example, the P67 offered CPU and memory overclocking and increased power and current limits, while the H67 gave users the ability to take advantage of Sandy Bridge’s built-in graphics and Quick Sync media-encoding engine. P67 users that wanted to take advantage of Quick Sync and H67 users looking to do some CPU overclocking were simply out of luck. With the Z68 Express, however, prospective Sandy Bridge users no longer need to compromise...

Intel Z68 Express with Smart Response Technology

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DGoble 3 years ago

still waiting for the enthusiest platform to replace 1366, dual channel just doesn't do it for me.

omegadraco 3 years ago

Great review and a great addition to the chipset lineup. I am glad I am waiting to build my next machine until next April I wonder what kind of monster power will be available by then.

realneil 3 years ago

In A Year:  

Lightpeak technology will be out in a year and that's gonna be something that changes IO forever as long as they don't price it into the stratosphere. Sandy bridge will have been out for a while and been tweaked to make it's features shine. There's no telling what the next gen Video cards will be capable of either.


As to this article,..........   I feel like a kid in a candy store! 

Lately, every time I 'look', I see something else I like.

Lot's of new features, and lots of good tweaks here for those of us who like to 'adjust' the way our systems work.

Intel is in the enviable position to have the resources and capitol to chase any idea down to see if it's viable. The end result is many new ideas making their way to us enthusiasts.

I like it. I like this review too. Thanks Marco, and thanks HH.

infinityzen1 3 years ago

What I'm waiting on is LGA2011 to come out to replace my current Z58/6-core @ 4Ghz/tri-memory system.

inspector 3 years ago

Thanks for the nice write up, was a long read... :)

lol draco, thats a long wait, can u make it? :D

dodgers2213 3 years ago

must get a new comp....DAYUM

omegadoom13 3 years ago

Great review Marco!!! I have it bookmarked for future reference! :)

AKwyn 3 years ago

Great review. I guess I've always wanted to see what the Smart Response technology could do well; I don't have to look any further seeing as how I've found the results. The fact that people don't have to compromise between chipsets is a nice selling point and it seems like LucidLogix is finally making it big now that Intel has integrated Hydra into their chipsets.

I say, this can be seen as the enthusiast version of LGA 1155.

slugbug 3 years ago

I may be upgrading to Z68 soon and this review answered some questions I had.

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