Intel Unveils Montevina, Centrino 2 Platform

Intel has just finally announced the Montevina mobile platform, their 5th generation of the underlying technology that makes up the company's Centrino 2 mobile architecture. Like previous iterations, the Montevina platform consists of a processor, chipset, and a specific wireless network module. New with Montevina, however, are also a fresh batch of 45nm Penryn-derived mobile processors with front side bus frequencies up to 1066MHz. In addition, the Mobile 4 Express Series of chipsets, (GL40, GS45, GM45, GM47, and PM45) some with the GMA X4500 DX10 graphics cores, and a number of WiFi / WiMax-enabled wireless network modules are also being brought to market.  


We'll step you through the high level details of Montevina in the pages ahead, so read on.

Via:  HotHardware
rapid1 6 years ago
yeah they have these on sale at bestbuy looks like an awesome deal to me according to the hardware onboard
RyuGTX 6 years ago

So HUGI basically overclocks the processor for certain tasks and then downclocks it. So it is a combination of auto-OC and Intel Speed Step? Would this be any different than manually overclocking (a desktop for example) and keeping Intel Speed Step enabled?


rapid1 6 years ago

It seems it would be because it's instant overclocking per application. So if your gaming you crank it up it runs the game better but also runs hotter with less battery efficiency (best to be plugged in for this). However when your using it for document editing it downcloaks it for better battery usage abd uptime without a plugin. I think it's very useful, though the OC is probably not anywhere near as extreme as you can get when you do it manually. I like it personally Plus it's available on the whitebooks I'm looking at right now as well as on the premade lappies.

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