Intel Tech Helps Citrix Bare Metal

Intel and Citrix will develop the industry's first application for Intel-based desktops and notebooks using our Core 2 Duo processors with Intel vPro technology that will produce a client virtualization solution that provides excellent capabilities from easy centralized image management to a rich mobile end-user environment. Mobile and office workers will now be able to take advantage of enterprise-scale virtualization without sacrificing security, manageability, ease-of-use, performance or mobility.  Watch the video below to see Intel's Fernando Martins and Citrix's Simon Crosby discuss the agreement and the technology...

Via:  Intel
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rapid1 5 years ago

If this is being done on a virtual environment, they should just use a sandbox style app. That way it is isolated and will not effect networks or anything else for that matter. You can work on it in the sandbox then check it all out before you present it. That way virtualization could be used with only positive effect.

3vi1 5 years ago

As someone who's used lots of virtualization technologies, including Citrix, let me be the first to say: "Huh?"

Maybe I'm hearing him wrong or reading too much into it, but it sounds like they moved the Citrix client up out of the operating system, and on the server side they basically push an image to the client where they run the app as a virtual machine?

That raises a lot of questions. Foremost: You're virtualizing Windows apps for the most part, so where does Windows come into the picture? Does the client have a "clean snapshot" and you push the app on top of it (incredibly simple, actually - confine apps to a different drive letter)?

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