Intel Solid State Drive 335 Series SSD Review

The Intel SSD 335 is the company’s first solid state drive to ship with NAND flash memory produced using a 20nm process. Intel claims the drive “uses the smallest, most efficient multi-level cell NAND flash on the market”. The flash memory used on the Intel SSD 335 was jointly developed my Intel’s and Micron’s IM Flash Technologies (IMFT) and was announced last April, but is now ready for prime time in a drive targeting the sweet spot of the enthusiast and DIY market…

Intel Solid State Drive 335 Series SSD Review

Via:  HotHardware
realneil 2 years ago

I like Intel branded drives when I can afford them.

WendellWoW 2 years ago

I've got two older 500GB SATA 3GB drives that I need to start planning to get rid of. I'm thinking I might try an SSD to replace me boot drive. I believe it would offer a fairly substantial benefit,and this new Intel drive might be just what the doctor ordered.

MayhemMatthew one year ago

Woot woot, featured on intel retail edge ;)

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