Intel Skulltrail Unleashed: C2E QX9775 x 2

During a recent meeting with Intel representatives at CES, we were informed that Intel’s ultra high-end Skulltrail enthusiast platform would finally be available for testing and evaluation in just a few weeks.  And it turned out they were true to their word.  We’ve been banging on a Skulltrail setup complete with a matched pair of quad-core 3.2GHz Core 2 Extreme QX9775 processors and DDR2-800 FB-DIMMs for a couple of weeks and have the result available on-line right now for all to see.  Click the link below and take a look...

Intel Skulltrail Unleashed: Core 2 Extreme QX9775 x 2
Via:  HotHardware
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Kamrooz 6 years ago

Such a beast, but honestly, intel does have 2 flaws with Skulltrail. One being the price considering the combo you have to pick up in order to get a skulltrail board. The other, FB-Dimms kill overclockability due to their low clock speed. Regardless of that though, it's truly a monster.

 But curious, does anyone else have a bad taste in their mount considering intel ATM? They release this beast of a setup, along with the upcoming p45, x48, when the truth is, at the end of this year all upgradability is dead. I feel really bad for those dumping tons into these boards not realizing that they can't upgrade to anything past penryn due to Nehalem's architecture, socket, QPI, and IMC. X48, P45, and Skulltrail will seriously have IMO the shortest life span....=(. But considering intels CPU performance numbers atm, not many would care considering the overclockability of the core architecture. But it still is a bit bad, but nothing too much to fret about.

 For gaming, this setup isn't that great, but when we're talking workstation, this machine is a BEAST.

werty316 6 years ago

Way too much power for gaming but just right when it comes to number crunching 

Kamrooz 6 years ago

Imagine the h264 encoding speed. two quad cores, based on Penryn which would give a boost with the SSE4 instruction set. Man, encoding must be dreamy ^_^. 

SiGfever 6 years ago

Now that is pure prOn! Cool 

PoLiticaLLyInCorrEct 6 years ago

I've often wondered what the overclocking options (if any) would be available on such a setup. I'd love to see two near 5GHz Quad Processors paired with either two Radeon HD 3870X2's or two GeForce 9850GX2's.

 Can we say pWn@ge! (Not trademarked by Futuremark).

Kamrooz 6 years ago

I would love to OC them to 5 ghz...but FB dimms aren't very friendly for overclocking. =P...Once I get the system..I will probably make two profiles, one stock, and one with them at 4 ghz via a multiplier bump.

 Curious though, do these server 771 socket boards contain intels power saving technologies such as speedstep, etc?.

deathman 6 years ago

Surely the board will have speed stepping as well.  Its more of a question what can be done in the bios to help to OC.


BTW after I find a stable clock to work with I re-enable speedstepping.  IMO its great for what it does and keeps the system nice and cool when not at full power.

frg1 6 years ago

must be fun to mess with 

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