Intel Developer Forum 2010 Day 1 CEO Keynote Coverage

In typical fashion, Intel kicked off IDF 2010 with a couple of keynote addresses headlined by the company’s President and CEO, Paul Otellini, and the GM of the Intel Architecture Group David “Dadi” Perlmutter. Topics of the keynote addresses included everything from Sandy Bridge to WiDi, and a myriad of others in between, but the main theme that permeated the entire conversation was how Intel is changing or plans to change moving forward.  

Details on Intel's second generation Core processor, Intel's ongoing development efforts with GoogleTV and a host of other hands-on demos were presented.  Intel's highly integrated Sandy Bridge CPU is looking strong and on track for an early 2011 release.

Via:  HotHardware
lonewolf 4 years ago

I am interested in seeing what they have to say about how they will counter Bulldozer. I will not bet against Intel but this is a spot I see them as vulnerable.

lonewolf 4 years ago

After reading the full review it seems Intel was going head to head with Nvidia in DX 10.1 and holding their own. I cannot wait to see the reviews of the GPU power they have managed to tweak out of SandyBridge. 

animatortom 4 years ago

For a moment there I thought I was looking at a Logitech Tablet?

The ten core processors sure are pretty cool! I would love to see what two of those could do on a single board with about 128GB of ram! It would basically be like having a mini production studio in your home. I am sure it will also cost you about 12K like it does now? But you can bet all the studios will be buying these up! Just wish they would pass the profit margin down to the average consumer instead of making us pay the same price as Dreamworks:P
You will probably need it if they are going to have software that is going to have to sort out mounds of MoCap data. It does seem like we are getting to that undreamed of state when it comes to unlimited computing power! I just wish they would release the full form of the technology that they got from Roswell now, instead of feeding us a little bit at a time:P I am sure all major CEO's work for FTD :P
At this rate, hopefully by this time next year those of us with the actual ideas can get our own movies made and finally put Hollywood to rest! I am still being amazed by what this Intel I7-875K can do. What used to take three weeks now gets rendered within two hours, and instead of 1080p@72dpi...I can render in 1080p@600dpi! Thanks again Hot Hardware :)
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