Intel Demos Larrabee Processor Live at IDF

During today's high performance computing workstation and server breakout at IDF, Intel took the opportunity to provide a live demonstration of their Larabee technology today in a high performance workstation showcase.  Though we're not completely sure we weren't just seeing a demonstration of the Larrabee instruction set on a high-end server of some sort (we weren't able to see inside the box), Intel did indeed provide a demo of their technology running a raytracing demo that we've seen in the past, which is a port of Id's Quake Wars artwork, full raytraced and running at a relatively high resolution from what we could tell.

Intel's Larrabee Many-Core - Block Diagram

Intel's Prototype Larrabee In Action At IDF '09

Unfortunately we don't have much more information expect that the demo looked relatively fluid, perhaps a bit pokey in spots and that Intel has begun seeding developers with Larabee systems in an effort to gain further traction with their upcoming GPU many core architecture.
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gibbersome 5 years ago

So the verdict is thumbs down?

It's nice of Intel to showcase their new chip, but I think in this case they may have been a little premature. It seems their demo confused more than it wowed.

Crisis Causer 5 years ago

Larrabee* is still quite a while off, so it's nice for them to give us some demonstration at least.  I wish we had some performance numbers, but whatever.  This is either gonna be huge or a bust, but we'll have to wait until some time next year at the earliest.  But this is encouraging.

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