HotHardware Video Podcast – Aug. 27, 2010

After a short hiatus, we’re finally back again this week with a brand new video podcast to talk about some recent developments in the hardware and technology scenes. Topics in this episode include Intel’s dual-core Atom D525 and Core i7 970 netbook and desktop processors, AMD’s upcoming low-power Bobcat and high-end Bulldozer CPU microarchitectures, Apple’s scary patent application, a peek of the Dell Streak, and more…

Show Notes:
0:20 - Intel Atom D525 Dual-Core Processor
2:56 - AMD Bobcat and Bulldozer CPU Microarchitecture
5:32 - Intel Core i7-970 Processor Review, Lower Cost 6-Core
7:54 - Apple's Scary Patent Application
11:55 - Dell Streak Sneak Peek
12:37 - NVIDIA and HH Just Cause 2 Giveaway, Just Cuz
13:11 - HH and MSI Lazy Days Of Summer Sweepstakes

Via:  HotHardware
fat78 4 years ago

would love to see bulldozer processor and just another reason not to buy apple.

inspector 4 years ago

Finally another one! what took so long to get another one up?

LOL why would a good guy be hacking :P.

Another great podcast!(lol it cut off at the end :D and Marco said /.hothardware :P)

3vi1 4 years ago

Very nice, as usual.

A couple of notes:

1. Apple filed for their patent in Feb. of 2009, so it's not really a reaction to the legalization of jailbreaking.

2. Please throw the ads into iframes so that they can be reloaded periodically without refreshing the entire page. It's annoying when watching the video.

You know what's really stupid about these software patents?  They don't even have to prove they can do whatever sci-fi idea they patent.  And, even when the idea is easily accomplish-able, you can get sued for independent discovery and development of the same idea.

The jet engine was developed independently in two countries, as two separate implementations, at the same time in history.  So, who the hell can say that something as simple as an app that turns on your webcam is worthy of patent protection?

Keep making the vids - very entertaining for us geeks.

marco c 4 years ago

@3vi1 - Yeah, that's what happens when I ramble without a script. :) I was just trying give some context.

3vi1 4 years ago

[quote user="Marco C"]

@3vi1 - Yeah, that's what happens when I ramble without a script. :) I was just trying give some context.


Heh - You didn't outright say it was a reaction:  I was just pointing that out for anyone who might have inferred that from the context. :)

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