Hot Deals of the Day: Dell U2713HM UltraSharp 27” LED-backlit LCD Monitor and More

It’s time for our latest batch of HOT deals, courtesy of our friends at LogicBuy. The featured attraction this Tuesday is the Dell U2713HM UltraSharp 27” LED-backlit LCD monitor. With discounts and free shipping, this baby can be on your desk for just under $630.

Features of the Dell U2713HM UltraSharp include a WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, and LED-backlit panel with up to 350nits of brightness, a 8ms response time, and a built-in 4-port USB 3.0 hub. Inputs on the monitor include DVI-D, DisplayPort, VGA and HDMI, so it can connect to virtually anything with a digital video output.

Not looking for a monitor? Perhaps one of these other deals will pique your interest:







Via:  LogicBuy
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Dorkstar 2 years ago

Why must you continue to wave the dell ultrasharps around in my face as if they are afforable?!

OSunday 2 years ago

What do you mean? They are affordable, it only costs 1 kidney and you do have 2, you know!

realneil 2 years ago

The ultra sharp deal is killer,.......

marco c 2 years ago

@Dorkstar - I toyed with the idea of calling you out in the post. HAHAHA!

Dorkstar 2 years ago

[quote user="Marco C"]

@Dorkstar - I toyed with the idea of calling you out in the post. HAHAHA!


Man you have no idea.  My last day at my last job, they had the person filling my position on my computer so I had to go find somewhere else to work.  The only place open was down in the software development department, and since I was friends with all of them they let me use the open computer.  I sat down in front of dual 27" dell ultrasharps, and a i7-2600 workstation.  I was immediately in hardware heaven. 

Anyhow, so since then, I've been dying to get my hands on an ultrasharp.  I've actually contacted a few people selling them around on craigslist, but everytime I find a good deal it's gone before I can get my hands on it.  Plus at the prices i'm finding ($135-$180), I just can't trust them.

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