Honeywell's Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Matches Nest To The Dollar

Think that Nest has the whole Wi-Fi thermostat market on lockdown? Think again. Honeywell, a mainstay in the thermostat arena, has been pumping out Wi-Fi versions for a little while now, and the company's latest version is quite impressive. The new Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is a connected unit that allows homeowners to integrate into their wall in a new way. In addition, the Honeywell thermostat offers Wi-Fi connectivity that allows consumers to regulate their energy usage and home comfort through their smartphone.

Featuring a touch screen display, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is equipped with mobile and email alerts that put homeowners in control by notifying them when their home is too hot or cold, the humidity level is too high or too low, when the filter needs to be changed, or if the home loses power or Internet connectivity. With Smart Response technology, the thermostat learns how long it takes to heat and cool a home to ensure it is always at the temperature homeowners want, at the time they want it. The Instant Away feature allows homeowners to balance comfort and energy savings: on your way out the door, simply tell the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat when you will be back and it can start saving energy instantly while you are gone.

It's expected to go on sale in May for $249, matching the Nest to the dollar. Looks like the war for your HVAC controller is on.
Via:  Honeywell
Clixxer one year ago

The feature alone that lets this thing figure out your house and how well it heats and cools could in the long run be something truly worth it. If you are trying to improve the efficiency of your home it sounds like it could more or less tell you if you are doing it wrong or right depending if you can see the stats and data it records. I know a few people that would like to know that as they do improvements to their homes to see if its helping or not.

Joel H one year ago

So let's see.

The company suing Nest for patent infringement has come up with a poorly-designed touchscreen product that does the exact opposite of what the Nest does.

Nest is designed around the idea of a single display, simple functionality, and an intuitive control system. This looks like it was built by the same people who designed Windows Mobile 6.5.

thunderdan602 one year ago

I guess this is a cool idea. Just gotta get people to secure their networks a little bit better.

AKnudson one year ago

I really like this product. i have yet to see the nest version however so they have me at first look.

I would like to know how detailed this machine can go and if it can communicate with other modules throughout a house, or even small sensors. i worked in hotels as a house maid and then a repairman and i always wondered how they managed heating and cooling costs.

Is this a commercial grade item or intended solely for private use?

Sevags one year ago

We installed Nest in our Big Bear (mountains and ski slopes) 2 years ago and we absolutely love it really easy to set up and learn and controlling the temp from a smartphone so the cabin is nice and toasty when we get there is heaven. This unit looks interesting but we already decided we will be installing another Nest in our every day house.

Clixxer one year ago

[quote user="sevags"]

We installed Nest in our Big Bear (mountains and ski slopes) 2 years ago and we absolutely love it really easy to set up and learn and controlling the temp from a smartphone so the cabin is nice and toasty when we get there is heaven. This unit looks interesting but we already decided we will be installing another Nest in our every day house.


Eh can't blame you with going with what you know works. Does the nest have the same features such as it calculating how long it takes to cool and heat your house? I've known about these but never looked into them since I had no desire to switch my current on out at the house but they are interesting.

Sevags one year ago

Clixxer; here is how the nest website puts it


Nest programs itself in about a week. It creates a personalized schedule based on the temperature changes you’ve made and continually adapts to your changing life."

Here is a link so some of its main features

I don't ways stick with what I know I'm all for the next big thing but it's not just about what I know but also what my mom and sister do too and they already know how to use Nest, both of which aren't at all keen about a new learning curve. Nest is also much more aesthetically pleasing and definitely more modern looking while the Honeywell unit looks a lot like my current generic touch thermostat in my home and more difficult. I like the simplicity of Nest and want version 2 in my home, I would upgrade our big bear home to v2 but at these prices I can live with v1 for a whole longer lol.

CharleyBirkner one year ago

I dig it. Pound for pound I don't think you could go wrong with either this or Nest. Aesthetically, the edge borders of the case are a little thick (no edge to edge screen action here), which makes pressing at-the-edge buttons a little bit of work. Smartphones passed this sort of design issue a long time ago (like when the Palm Treo was #1), and while I DO like the idea of configurable menus, ease of use is a MUST, so this needs to be considered for future models. I'd also like the ability/option to french it into the wall, and it doesn't really allow that without some effort. Also, while I do realize the thermostat itself is NOT a smartphone; once we learn the menuing system, why not give me the OPTION to make my phone look JUST like the remote? Cloning the button layout seems like a no-brainer to me...

RichieZhang one year ago

even though i don't use either of these products (because i have a high voltage system for driving the electric heater) am very interested in nest because it is more modern than your usual thermostat. this thermostat at first glance looks confusing. i have watched a Honeywell setup video in a different WiFi unit and it is TWENTY minutes long! the Honeywell units are very confusing and not at all user friendly. the day-to-day interface is also an issue while Nest is elegant in design Honeywell UI is clunky and looks out of date. this is especially noticeable after the release of "modernized" softwares like iOS 7 and Microsoft Office 2013 which features buttons and objects in without a "border" around it. even though these are only the paint job so to speak but i think that aesthetics like these can really impact our preference and how a device blends into a house. so in a nutshell, i think that if you have a budget of $300 to spend on your HVAC system, the Nest learning thermostat is the way to go. or you can wait a while and see if they release a 3rd generation. i hope this has been helpful.

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