Hitachi to Release Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 4

Hitachi Maxell on Monday unveiled a wireless power transition pad and case intended for the iPhone 4. The no-fuss, cable-free battery charger has the blessing of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), an industry group tasked with wireless charging standards.

On tap is the WP-PD10.BK and WP-PS10S.BK charging pads, with the former boasting enough real estate to charge two iPhone devices. Hitachi Maxell will also release the WP-SL10A.BK, which is essentially a wireless charging sleeve for the iPhone 4.

The WP-PD10.BK has two power transmissions, each one capable of sending 5W of power, while the WP-PS10S.BK has one. Meanwhile, the WP-SL10A.BK is rated at 2.5W and weights about 40g.

No word on price, though Hitachi Maxell says all three devices will debut in Japan on April 25, 2011.
Via:  Maxell Japan
coolice 3 years ago

Meh... arnt there already so many of these on the market now?

The local cheap factorydirect store here in toronto was selling these pads for like $15...

I still like plugging in the phone to a cord... i know its getting charged for sure, and dont have to put on a special case just to charge it.

rapid1 3 years ago

Yeah I was thinking the same thing Hitachi seem to be very late to the game on this line of products. I still use a micro USB charger anyway myself as well.

TCanters 3 years ago

WOOW how ugly! If you target the Apple users with your product you can't get away with a simple OEM design, especially for a big brand such as Hitachi. For example the design of GETPOWERPAD is way nicer and besides of that their cases for the iPone are way slimmer than those from Hitachi. According to the website is available from April.

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