Head Out Of The Clouds: Why Local Storage Still Matters

Smartphones, tablets and computers are constantly consuming (and creating) more and more content. And with that comes massive amounts of data consumption. The amount of sharing that takes place on today's smartphones and tablets is astounding, and every instance of that requires data -- and storage. Lately, it seems as if companies are dealing with these new realities by leaning heavily on the cloud. But trusting your precious data solely to the cloud can be a risky bet...

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3vi1 2 years ago

I cannot agree more. It is the same mindset that had me reformat my CR-48 and install a real Linux OS instead of ChromeOS.

Not *everything* works best in a cloud-centric world. Not everyone is connected all the time and not every task works best with remote storage (I probably try a hundred things before doing a git push - developers would be crazy to write everything in a non-local environment at this point in time).

Cloud apps put a layer between you and the data: I don't want access to a file via someone's streaming app. I want to be able to access the bytes locally and change them as I see fit.

Maybe, in another 10 years, the tech will make our objections irrelevant.

MCaddick 2 years ago

I'm fine with the cloud being there as a secondary point of storage, but to rely on it as a primary point is just asking for trouble.

All of those people using the web to access their gmail or other cloud email storage services are simply asking for trouble when, for whatever reason, they aren't in a service area or their connection flakes out for whatever reason.

Dave_HH 2 years ago

Glad you guys can identify. It occurred to us that there's a building risk here for folks just buzzing long happily with their data synched over the Cloud and trusting it there. It's good for convenience, bad for practicality.

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="Dave_HH"]It's good for convenience, bad for practicality[/quote]

Especially with the costs associated with local storage going down all of the time. It's pretty inexpensive to buy large SATA-III and stack them in an NAS box or external enclosures.

The cloud has no draw for me.

Bruce J one year ago

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