Havok's Free Version Goes Live

Following up on their February promise to release a free version of their award-winning physics and animation software product – Havok Complete - Havok's website now has the download available.

Havok announced in February an Intel sponsored PC version of our award-winning physics and animation products for dowload at no charge. The products are now available!

The No-Charge Havok PC download is a binary-only bundle that includes all of the standard features and functionality of both the Havok™ Physics and Havok™ Animation products. The download includes Havok SDK libraries, samples, and technical documentation for software developers; as well as Havok's Content Tools for preparation and export of physical assets and characters directly from recent versions of popular 3D modeling and animation tools.

Generally the words "non-commercial use" make our eyes glaze over, but it is true that if you delve deeper into the site, even for commercial use, you can get a no-charge PC Game distribution license.  Non-gaming use is a different matter.

Still with NVIDIA's acquisition of AGEIA and PhysX, do we still care about Havok?
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SqUiD267 6 years ago

 Havok is a great engine. If you didnt know Halo is made using the Havok Engine.

Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Oh yeah, we still care about Havok a whole lot.  That's what the source engine is based off of, and who wasn't impressed with Half-Life 2?  And it's also goign to interact with other engines in the console Star Wars: The Force unleased:


Watch the 30 second "Ouch (HD)" and at least the first 70 seconds of "Unleasing The Tech". 

higgamo 6 years ago
cant wait for Star Wars: The Force unleased. but havok engine is great esp. with the funny death it cause in halo.
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