Hacktivity 2010 Conference Provides Plenty of Sound Bites

You would have had to travel all the way to Budapest in order to attend "Hactivity 2010," the largest hackers' conference in Eastern and Central Europe. But for those of you who didn't make it -- which we're assuming is everyone reading this -- we've dug up one of the more interesting sound bites.

"The Internet is the greatest generation gap since rock'n roll," Bruce Schneier, a respected U.S. cyber security expert, said during the two-day event. "The older of us need to be prepared for a younger generation that lives life on the Internet, doesn't understand where their computer or smartphone ends and the Internet begins, shares passwords with their friends as a sign of trust and deliberately lies when registering for services.

"At the same time, technological and business trends point to less user control: What will security and privacy look like in this new world?"

Schneier's assertion is an interesting one, particularly as study after study seem to at least partially back his claim. In a recent survey conducted by security firm PC Tools, for example, it was discovered that some 29 percent of Americans see no objection to being "plugged in" while honeymooning, while 8 percent feel it's okay to surf the Web during religious services.

Another popular topic was that of Web 2.0. According to Csaba Krasznai, a former organizer of Hactivity and current researcher at Miklos Zrinyi National Defense University, "Web 2.0 is a technology that is used more and more nowadays," but also poses a national security threat and is need of security measures "based on changes within society."

All told, some 1,000 Internet security professional and experts from around the world attended Hacktivity 2010.
Via:  Yahoo News
inspector 4 years ago

Whats wrong with being "plugged in" on a honeymoon? You got to get your updates from HH! lol.

Wheres the survey for using a phone while in school? bet that comes to like 90+%

gibbersome 4 years ago

"29 percent of Americans see no objection to being "plugged in" while honeymooning..."

Lol, nice double entendre!

"...while 8 percent feel it's okay to surf the Web during religious services."

Strange, I thought it would be MUCH higher.

Thanks for the short summary Paul, so...do they teach to actually hack at the Hactivity conference?

animatortom 4 years ago

That's all they have to do over in those countries is learn how to hack other countries so they can rip people off.

I even had people from south africa trying so hard to get me to send anything I post on craigslist to them or a false address. for many who wouldn't know any better would really get scammed and think that they have been paid. Its just a good thing that they type like they talk, and if you read all emails thoroughly then you can see all the misspellings.

This is an economic battleground and they have no qualms about hacking and other criminal activities. In fact they enjoy it and feel they have the right to hack other countries. Maybe that is why they are holding conferences on the matter!

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