Hacked Sites Notifications Added to Google Search Results

Google has served up noticed for malware-infested sites for years, but they've gone one better with their latest feature. The company has altered its search results notifications with a “This site may be compromised” link to help in safer searching.

According to Google's blog post, the company uses "a variety of automated tools to detect common signs of a hacked site as quickly as possible." If they note something suspicion, they;ll add the new notification to our search results.

If the site has a Webmaster Tools account, they'll be notified as well; additionally Google will use any contact email addresses found on the site.

Naturally this will affect a site's traffic, and one problem is that Google says it may take days for a hacked site notification to be removed. Fortunately, webmasters can request a review of their site to accelerate the notice removal.
Via:  Google
realneil 3 years ago

I like it.

mikeyott 3 years ago

It's not very obvious. Make the 'this site may be compromised' text red and it will be more usable. Otherwise, it's a great idea.

PCMaster160 3 years ago
I disagree with you guys. I guess this service might be good for new users to the web and people that don't know much but more often than not it is wrong and inaccurate. Google doesn't index many less popular sites often enough to keep this accurate and it may stay invalid for days without being noticed just hurting the webmaster. But also how much web based malware is out there? like almost everything is download or patched very quick. And the download virus' are easilly detected by virus software. I guess this is a decent precaution but barley ever effective. Oh and i would like to also add this isn't really new as at least a few years ago they had a whole page that said the site was infected do you want to proceed (and they still have it in chrome but i don't know about other browsers).
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