HTC Thunderbolt Pre-Orders Begin at Best Buy

Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt, also known as the wireless carrier's first handheld LTE device, still has a TBD date, but at least pre-orders are being taken. Multiple sources have said that Best Buy dealers nationwide are taking pre-orders for the new Android device.

To get a pre-order, buyers just have to plunk down $50 toward the device. Best Buy stores are reporting that the device will be ready to pick up on Feb. 14th, or Valentine's Day, although Verizon hasn't released an official date..

It's indeed interesting to see that Verizon is willing to push out another device so close to its star device, the iPhone 4, which launches to retail on Feb. 10.

As far as a price, it's been reported that the HTC Thunderbolt will cost $249, and while that's $50 more than we usually see for Android phones on Verizon's network, it's also the first LTE handheld device on their network.

Anyone who wants to buy something besides the iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network, out there?
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rapid1 3 years ago

As far as it goes I would not take an iPhone if you gave it to me, especially right now. On Verizon I am actually waiting to see what the Bionic is. Of course that is if I stay with Verizon. I will be interested in what Sprint has to offer if they get anything besides the new mini EVO, At&t of course has there bad boy Tegra2 model as well (which seems to be identical to the Bionic (on Verizon) minus the notebook interface, and therefore 512 MB of memory (which it seems the only advantage of is to run the notebook). Then of course there will also be a new iPhone I am thinking in June as well (4 months from now), which will most likely have advanced capabilities, but I do not know as I kind of doubt they will go for the Tegra 2 or the other dual core processor's as they like to say they make there own, and generally use Samsung modified (so they can say they made it) processors.

coolice 3 years ago

Is it me or do all the HTC phones seem to upgrade in smaller increments. For example, the HTC EVO, then EVO mini. even this phone looks stringly familiar to their devices they've taken out. Its not a HUGE upgrade from the previous model.

I guess in a a way that can be a good thing as phones sell faster.... for example, unlike the iphone, where Rapid will consider waiting for 4 months as the upgrade might be substantial, htc might sell a constant amount as the model specs arent night and day?

Its all speculation, but i'm starting to dislike htc a bit. Perhaps its this room i'm in at the moment, its very dull, and gloomy, with florescent lights, and my proff is talking about supply and demand... micro-economics be doomed.

acarzt 3 years ago

It's not just HTC... check out the Samsung Galaxy S line... it's all basically the same phone lol

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