HTC EVO 4G Review

Sprint's marketing campaigns over the past few months have focused on the fact that the carrier was the first to launch a 4G network in the U.S. Building on that, the company has focused on the various things you can do with a 4G connection that weren't possible (or at least weren't very usable) without a fourth generation high-speed mobile broadband connection.

In keeping along with the "first" concept, Sprint announced the HTC EVO 4G—the world's first 3G/4G Android smartphone, would be available on their network. Although the EVO 4G may no longer be the only 3G/4G handset around, it is still only one of two other phones that offers users the ability to surf the web at 4G speeds (where available)...

HTC EVO 4G Review

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InfinityzeN1 4 years ago

In your performance writeup, some of the high number are not just due to 2.2, but the Snapdragon chip that powers the phone.  Linpack for example under 2.2 with a Snapdragon cpu is far faster than any other 1Ghz cpu running 2.2.

One thing not covered in this review is how easy an Evo is to Root.  There are also dozens of ROMs for it, with and without Sense.  Pretty much every ROM will give you increased battery life and faster performance.  I personally run Baked Snack, which has greatly increased my battery life to the point that I've gone two days with light usage (phone & data).  The screen being on is the biggest killer for me now since it is a big honking chunk of glass to light up.

Also, changing out the micoSD card is a royal pain.  I just stuck a class 10 16GiB in there when I got the phone since the stock one is a slow class 2.  It improved the launch times of launching programs and media, as well as moving data over from my computer.

I think I'll hold onto mine until the Evo2 with the next gen dual core Snapdragon chip ships sometime mid next year.

Super Dave 4 years ago

[quote user="InfinityzeN1"]I think I'll hold onto mine until the Evo2 with the next gen dual core Snapdragon chip ships sometime mid next year.[/quote]

It seems that a hardware race is heating-up in the cellphone market! I wonder if we will ever be able to overclock our cellphones!

InfinityzeN1 4 years ago

Of course you can overclock your cellphone.  Mine is OC'ed to 1.2Ghz right now.

lifeskills 4 years ago

hey infinity, could you point me to a guide or something that will show me how to root my evo?  I don't know much about it, but my battery life sucks.

Also, are you able to post to the forums here?  I can't post anything here from my evo

InfinityzeN1 4 years ago

You want to check out

They have a guide on how to root your phone, along to links to all the software needed.  Have you tried clicking "Reply" instead of that little "Quick Reply" button?  The few times I've posted from my phone that is how I had to do it.

lifeskills 4 years ago

Hitting the reply button used to work, not anymore though.

And thanks for the link,  It seems over my head now, but hopefully I will be able to figure it out with some research.

My earpiece speaker blew out, So I need to replace that before I start messing with it.

InfinityzeN1 4 years ago

No problem.  It is not as hard as it looks.  Just follow everything step by step and if you have any questions just ask.

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