HTC And IBM Strike Partnership In The Enterprise

HTC and... IBM? Yep. Two seemingly unrelated companies are coming together, with a recent TechWeekEurope report noting that IBM and HTC have "struck up a partnership that could make the Taiwanese phone maker a major enterprise player." In the enterprise, RIM has traditionally had a strong grip on smartphone buyers, with the iPhone making a serious push since 2007. Android hasn't seen too much adoption in the enterprise, largely because of security questions and hackability. But HTC is hoping to change that, and also change those profit margins that have been sinking.

David Jaeger, executive director Global Enterprise and Services at HTC, said the following: "It’s only been really relatively recently that HTC has broken into the enterprise space. We’re driving toward that magic 100-million device number globally. We see IBM as the gold standard for an enterprise partnership. We want to make sure if IBM is talking about Android or tablets, HTC is in the conversation."

The two companies worked closely together to ensure that HTC phones could hit the mark in enterprise, and there's even mention of HTC tablets entering that space. HTC's relationship with the pen could also prove useful in enterprise, a place where many workers need the ability to jot down notes via a pen-like tool. We've been wondering what company would finally push Android into the enterprise; might as well be HTC, yeah?
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cowboyspace 2 years ago

Yea i think HTC will push Android into the enterprise but IBM has the last word? and if that happens 3 companies happy is the result.

NPAint 2 years ago

"Workers need the ability to jot down notes"- would those be the same notes that they were able to jot on Windows mobile resistive screens until Apple convinced everyone that they had to have capacitive screens?

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