HP Reveals Slate 500 Tablet

Hewlett-Packard unveiled its first tablet. Known as the Slate 500, this $799 device runs on Microsoft Windows 7 and targets business customers. In contrast to many of today's tablets which traditionally offer a smartphone feel, the Slate 500 attempts to replicate the experience you'd get on a full PC but in a tablet form factor.

The Slate 500 runs Windows 7, just like your desktop PC. It also has an 8.9-inch, multi-touch-enabled screen with a digital stylus pen and 64GB of storage. The tablet weighs 1.5 pounds and gets approximately five hours of battery life. Also in contrast to other tablets which use low-power ARM-based processors, the Slate uses an Intel Atom processor, much like today's netbooks.

Carol Hess-Nickels, director of business notebook marketing at HP described the Slate 500: "It's really like a full-function PC, it runs Windows, it will run your office applications, it just so happens to be in a slate form factor." Hess-Nickels expects retail, healthcare and insurance companies will build custom applications to take advantage of the Slate 500's portability and power.

The Slate has front and rear-facing cameras to enable video conferencing as well as a USB port for additional connectivity. The HP Slate 500 is currently available.

Via:  Reuters
3vi1 4 years ago

>> approximately five hours of battery life.

I think that sentence is missing some exclamation and question marks at the end.  (Also, I'll bet it's inflated by an hour or two)

Putting Windows 7 in a tablet is like putting a bus engine in a go-kart.  You end up with something that consumes way too much fuel and whose power is restricted to the weakest component.

This is another Win7 tablet that gets 15fps in 5 year old games on it's best day.  There's quite frankly no reason to buy it over something running Meego, Android, iOS, etc. on an ARM CPU.

Kyouya 4 years ago

Why is the slate as thick as a laptop? I'm better off getting a laptop if it is that thick.

rapid1 4 years ago

I think it really depends what version there using. I know there is a netbook/tablet version of 7 as well which is while fully functional slimmed down from much of the Windows bloat as well. For what Kyouya says it really depends on what you need, not to mention the price, that is high for a slate device to me. For $799 not only can you get one you could get a reasonably performing one for $800 or slightly over it. I can see the point in a slate device it is a no fold up screen included communications device. I really as before stated see a point in a device of roughly 8.5 - 10inches ( I would prefer 10 really) which you could use for communications, reading, and internet. A smart phone can be used for much of this the screen is just so small even at 4 inches for many things available and widely used. I am an avid reader so that is a big consideration for me in a device like this. However; I would rather have something bigger than a smart phone for real browsing, email, as well as other mobile communications functions etc. Then a smart phone for IM, calls, updates, fast news, GPS, mobile web apps etc.

joaoluisc 4 years ago

Spec wise looks promising and better than the iPad.

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