HP Pulls the Plug on Android Tablet, For Now

Everyone and their uncle has promised to release an Android-based tablet by the end of 2010, and at this point, it's probably easier to take a head count of which companies aren't planning to release one. We can start with Hewlett-Packard, who according to reports will no longer be pushing out an Android slate anytime this year.

Everything we know is pretty much based in speculation, so take all this with a spoonful of salt. That said, there's reason to believe that HP, at least in the short-term, might end up ignoring the Android tablet market altogether. After scooping up Palm, HP wasted little time in scrapping its Windows 7-based 'HP Slate,' and shortly after confirmed plans to work on a webOS tablet instead. That wasn't all that surprising, except for the amount of self-generated hype that went into the Windows 7 slate.

It's at least conceivable that HP has lost some interest in playing with different OSes, and instead wants to focus all its attention on webOS. Or maybe the company just has little interest in releasing a bunch of different tablets all at once. Either way, don't look for Android to ship from the HP camp until at least 2011, if ever.
acarzt 4 years ago

lol.... First they cancel the windows 7 Tablet... now the Android tablet...

I guess they just want to be greedy and sell their own hardware with their own software.

They're hindering themselve by being so limted.

I don't want a webOS tablet. I'd rather have a Win 7 or Android tablet by far.

animatortom 4 years ago

probably because now they realized they spent to much money buying Palm, and now cant do anything about it?!

HP Face Palm!! Their new catch phrase:P

acarzt 4 years ago

[quote user="animatortom"]

HP Face Palm!! Their new catch phrase:P


LOL! That's hilarious... perfect catch phrase.



Perhaps it wasn't a HORRIBLE idea to purchase palm.... but I think they are doing all the wrong things with it.

They should have launched their tablet with the choice of which OS to run. That way they could have appealed to a much much broader audience.

Who knows, maybe they will still do that... and release the WebOS version first with Android and windows to follow.

3vi1 4 years ago

They really should have thought about this before the Palm deal. This is probably going to end up costing them more money than Palm will ever produce. They've had to throw away a perfectly good platform, to keep from creating competition for their new OS that's not near as appealing to developers.

Acquiring WebOS was a wrong turn for HP, and now they're adamantly sticking to that decision and following the road they've picked. Unfortunately for them, I think it leads to a place far far away from customers.

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