HIS Gives AMD's Radeon HD 6970 Graphics Card an IceQ Makeover

You don't want to be the one everybody points and laughs at for using a reference cooler on a high end graphics card, do you? Maybe that's a little melodramatic; realistically, reference coolers aren't all that bad. But if you dream of a cooler running GPU and faster clocks, third-party cooling solutions are the way to go.

HIS Digital announced today that it's gone and slapped its IceQ cooler on AMD's Radeon HD 6970 graphics card. According to HIS, you can expect up to 23C lower temps over the reference cooler AMD recommends. The IceQ boasts a 'Black Hole Impeller' design that draws cool air from both sides of the fan, and four heatpipes to help whisk heat away from the GPU. In addition to running cooler, HIS says the cooling solution runs quieter, too.

HIS is offering two versions of the 6970 using the IceQ cooler, a standard version (HIS 6970 IceQ) with 880MHz core and 5500MHz memory clockspeeds, and a ramped up version (HIS 6970 IceQ TURBO) clocked slightly faster with a 900MHz core and 5600MHz memory.

The 6970 is AMD's fastest single-GPU graphics card available.
Via:  HIS
realneil 3 years ago

I wonder how this cooling solution works compared to other ones?


Drake_McNasty 3 years ago

No offense to HIS but even if this is the best cooling solution for this card it is waaaaaay to ugly to but in any computer I own.

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="Drake_McNasty"]it is waaaaaay to ugly to put in any computer I own[/quote]

If it works really well,.....you know, far better than the other guy's solutions, I could care less about it's looks.

Personally, I doubt it does outshine all of the others, but I have an HIS 'IceQ' Radeon HD5670 in my wife's Dell PC and it's problem free, and works great. It's been in there for a long time too.

I guess that PC Beauty for me goes more to functionality, and forget the bells and whistles.

Here it is, but be careful, it's sensitive,........

jonation 3 years ago

in most cases it will be facing down. but agreed.

inspector 3 years ago

I go for both looks and function. This does look ugly and i doubt would fit nicely into many cases. Maybe a clear case :).

OSunday 3 years ago

Jeebus this is a beast of a cooling rig on a graphics card!

I wonder how HIS's iceQ compare's to MSI's Twin Frozr?

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