Graffiti Returns (on Android)

If you used one of the old PalmOS PDAs, prior to its smartphones, you might remember Graffiti, the shorthand writing system which used gestures to enter characters with a stylus. It's back, thanks to Access, who acquired the rights to Graffiti following the Palm / Xerox settlement in 2006, but only on Android devices.

Indeed, you might think this would be more appropriate on webOS devices, but at any rate, the new app, available on the Android Market, is free and ready to bring you retro goodness.

Typical of such alternate text entry methods on Android, Graffiti for Android has to be enabled in the “Language and keyboard settings” section of your Android settings before you can use it.
Via:  AppBrain
Nethersprite 4 years ago

"is free and ready to bring you retro goodness"

Seems to me that's all it would be good for. Unless you have all the character strokes memorized, the cheat sheet takes up almost the whole screen (Palms had them on the unfolding flap of the case) and isn't it easier and quicker to just press a button than draw out the lines?

Inspector 4 years ago

Well, i bet you would really only use letter styles that you always use when writing. its just really so it can recognize your messy hand writing kind of app.

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Oh boy, we can write in Martian. Release the doves.

Once Newton Handwriting Recognition comes to any of these devices, drop me a memo. It's a little wearying, carrying both my MP2100 and iPod Touch.

acarzt 4 years ago

Typing is faster than writing... so I would still rather type.

But this seems like a nice alternative. Especially if your on screen keyboard is pretty horrible.

TRuss 2 years ago

Using Graffiti on my D704 and it actually rocks - way faster and easier than hunt/peck on the onscreen keyboard, and it took me less than two days of using it to get up to speed. (Hint to the "cheat sheet" hater: print one from off the Internet at a size that'll fit behind your device, after the second day you'll only be looking at it for rare punctuation.)

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