Google's 10" Nexus 10 Tablet Leaks With Wild Specifications

Well, at least you can dream about what would have been announced had Hurricane Sandy not forced Google to postpone its October 29th Android event. The Nexus 10 looks to be legitimate, with the company's own Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra, shooting images from its rear-facing camera in some tropical location. Furthermore, leaked shots of the 10" slate prove that it does indeed look like a blown-up Galaxy Nexus. With the Nexus 7 going over pretty well for ASUS and Google, it seems high time for a 10" version to come on it and undercut pricing on Apple's iPad. Of course, pricing remains an unknown until the event finds a new date, but here's what is being reported.

First off, it's running a new version of Android (v4.2), and it's powered by a potent 1.7GHz Exynos 5250 chip developed by Samsung. There's a Mali-T604 GPU, 2GB of memory, a 5MP rear camera, NFC and Wi-Fi, 16GB of internal storage, no microSD slot and a Super AMOLED display. It's the panel that's apt to cause the most commotion, though, as there's a native 2,560 x 1,600 screen resolution. That's definitely on par with the iPad's Retina technology, and if Google can keep the cost under $499, it'll suddenly become quite the value for those in the 10" tablet market.

This definitely looks to be one of the killer slates of 2012. If it's priced right, would you consider one?
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sevags 2 years ago

If closed platform tablets that run like glorified calculators were still the it thing this tablet would be quite interesting in all regards other than build quality and the lackluster OS that probably won't get an update to after the first year.

Don't get me wrong it's an interesting tablet but with the Surface Pro coming out soon and hopefully more tablet pro models running laptop hardware and desktop OS's I am no longer interested in ever purchasing a tablet with a mobileOS again at any price point and hope they become outdated and Pro tablets become the norm and all current tablets running weak hardware ad software become a niche item for children to play with or act as mobile browsers on the go.

Atticus14 2 years ago

Im not trying to be rude but you should inform yourself of this tablet and what the Nexus brand means. No one knows the build quality and Nexus devices are the best for OS updates. Also surface pro will be 1k, at that price I'd rather have a real laptop.

sbradfor 2 years ago

Yes, Google is the best at giving updates. I get updates much faster than my friends on my Nexus than they do on their devices, usually months faster.

I'm really looking forward to this device and hope the specs that have been published are accurate. If so, this could be a stunning tablet and a real step forward for Android on tablets.

sevags 2 years ago

I am way informed and I've never heard of a nexus device getting an update the same day as the release, or within a week? Has there been one within a month? Remember I'm comparing to iOS which offers SAME day upgrade across all devices and the majority of the older ones. Windows8 will be the same... It's still up in the air if WindowsRT will see the same updates as its x86 sibling or on the same days.

And as far as build quality I am also referring to materials. There is no way that you can argue that ANY nexus device, and possibly any android device period, comes close to the build quality AND quality of materials found in apple products (iPad/iPhone) or the new MS Surface.

Sorry but plastic is plastic.

Sorry but even a 1 day delay in OS update once released is 1 day too long when two of your main competitors offer same day upgrades.

And yes it will be 1k and that's fine with me I don't think people like you are coming to grasp with the fact that windows8 pro tablets ARE laptops minus the keyboard but has a more expensive touch screen. Add a keyboard and bam you have a laptop WITH touch. So at 1k you would rather have the keyboard permenantly attached? And then you're going to spend another $400-500 on a tablet? Now you're carrying around 2 devices for as much and probably more than the price of the surface pro.

I'm not saying this nexus isn't a cool device.... Compared to the SurfaceRT the nexus 10 has a much better quality display, NFC, and a faster cpu? (Yet surfaceRT will prob run smoother), but the surface still has better build of materials/quality. What I'm saying is tablets are pretty much outdated now once Pro comes out for anything other than surfing the web, some digital content consumption, and keeping busy playing apps while watching tv.

If you have a newer laptop and just need a tablet for now then ok... But I have a laptop that I want replaced no matter what within 6 months and I have an ipad3. I'm going to sell my laptop, well my ipad3 for a high resale value, add less money than the cost of this Nexus 10 and buy a surface Pro.

I will never ever buy a tablet with a mobile dumbed down OS ever again other than maybe little children in my family as toys/entertainment devices.

Atticus14 2 years ago

i wouldn't bother with a surface when you can get a better spec'd hybrid laptop for the same price, im not saying i would get this one in particular but as an example

I would want a KB attached if i can have it in this fashion...if your carrying around a tablet and you need a K/B your still packing around accesories that you may or may not use and thats much more of an inconvenience IMO. And if you needed you could probably do some light service work yourself to a hybrid laptop, adding ram/bigger HD/SSD...can you do that with a surface pro?

I like the surface pro, not hating on it at all, its just a poor investment IMO.

aestep1014 2 years ago

I don't believe you comparing apples to apples in terms of OS updates. Apple announces an update in June, and it isn't released to the public until the fall when the iPhone is announced. This is usually about 3-4 months.

Google announces an update and most NEXUS devices get it with a few WEEKS, not months. For those who like to root, they can get it within a day!

Also, keep in mind that any android phone that gets an update gets all the features. With the last two versions of iOS, not all devices got all the features. Apple is becoming... hmm what's the word? Oh, FRAGMENTED in its OS. They are just hiding it by saying all these people are running iOS 6, but they aren't saying which version.

realneil 2 years ago

I hear about an iOS update (usually right here on HH) and it's available or 'pushed' to my iPad within a day or two. This is fast enough for me.

I haven't used a Nexus device yet, but I hear that they're pretty full featured. The MS Surface doesn't interest me at all.

sevags 2 years ago

Atticus, I understand you concern over serviceability, as a pc builder for 14 years myself I fully understand that concern. I dont think ifixit has a tear down of the surface pro yet so we don't know how easy or hard it is to upgrade.... But it's still a faulty arguement because a very disproportionally large percentage or laptop owners never alter the factory components, it seems like the mobile world is turning into a "buy now what you think you'll need later because there is very little if any change you can make later". Big example are all apple mobile products including MacBooks, ultrabooks, most things thin and light, don't allow for parts to be easily hanged if at all. If I don't get a surface ill be in the market for a MacBook Air that would cost me well over the cost of the Surface at the same exact specs while offering no additional benefit in upgrade-ability. Apple a bar example? How about a Lenovo X1 Carbon? Better but still pretty locked in especially to th average user.

Carrying an attached keyboard on a tablet format is inconvenient? How is it any less convenient than a laptop? They are the same (or in case of the surface touch cover, it's thinner). And then what's at home or wherever and you don't want th cover keyboard covers you take it off and at the point a laptop and it's permenantly attached keyboard can be argued becomes "inconvenient".

Let's face it ALL electronics are a bad investment... TV's lose lots of value fast and are constantly being updated so we should all just buy a 23" LCD TV and upgrade once a decade right? Bad investment or not people will still drop big money on a 55" Samsung that gets replaced every 4 years. I'm guilty of it.

I also feel that though a 4 year old laptop/tablet might still have it's uses for some but it doesn't for me I want a new laptop every 3-4 years and upgrading to more ram or a larger HD does not get you the same speed increases that a new CPU and chipset get you not to mention new tech that gets added like NFC and 802.11ac/ad. So upgrading isn't an issue since ill never upgrade a mobile device but serviceability could bean issue.

aestep.... Who cares when an update is ANNOUNCED, we are talking about the time between being RELEASED and being AVAILABLE on your device. When apple releases an iOS update its available within minutes to even the most average user without rooting a damn thing.

And then as for your fragmentation arguement I'm not sure of which features exactly you're referring to? Siri? So you're complaining that 2+ year old phones are getting 98% of the updates but missing the stuff that most likely wouldn't run well on older tech? No turn by turn voice direction on anything 2+ years old? So because those devices can't run, or can't run well, certain features then they shouldn't get an update at all? So they shouldn't get the new maps at all? Makes no sense. The Nokia Lumia 900 was released how long ago? And it can't even update to wp8 but at least they gave it 7.8 as an update. There are still many android phones including Motorola (now owned by google) who have models they have said they will never update and have an exchange/upgrade plan for those people and the answer is to sell them a new phone. What apple is doing isn't fragmentation it's keeping everyone update as muh as possible while providing many new updates, functionality, and yes fixes to older devices even if some new functionality has to be left out.

shaun a 2 years ago

No microSD slot is a big minus.

but, given these specs, I may buy at $499, or opt for Asus TF700

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