Google To Release Google Wave To Beta Testers On Wednesday

Google plans to begin testing a new product called Google Wave tomorrow. This new Web application combines elements of email, chat, Wiki documents, blogs, and photo-sharing sites in order to create a hosted conversation or "wave" of Internet communication.

Google first demonstrated Wave at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, California, in May. The product will initially be available to approximately 100,000 beta testers. This closed group will help the company find any bugs in the application before it is released to the public later this year.

The application was created by brothers Jens and Lars Rasmussen, the same pair who developed Google Maps. The Rasmussen brothers hope Google Wave will eventually replace email as the main form of communication via the Internet.

Using Wave, email-like communications can be edited by several users simultaneously. Users can also chat about specific sections of Wave documents in real time. Should a person join the conversation after it has started, they can replay everything they've missed.

The product has been cheered by many tech bloggers. However, there are some concerns that the application may be too complicated for the average or mainstream Web user.

The Rasmussens describe the product in much greater detail in an hour and 20 minute video, available at

Via:  CNN
3vi1 5 years ago

I just watched the entire 1h20m demo. This is a KILLER APP.

This is seriously the first technology that I've seen which could be a practical replacement for e-mail/SMTP. This also replaces forums and IM in one fell swoop.

Thinking ahead, I can see certificate signing being *EASILY* implemented between the federations, with the ability to retroactively delete messages in the case of revocation. What does that mean? NO MORE UNSOLICITED SPAM.

The fact that this is all HTML5 and implemented as open source makes it VERY attractive.

So when is HH going to implement Bloggy?!?! :)

3vi1 5 years ago

One more, less bright, prediction for the future:  MS is going to fight this tooth and nail in favor of TeamShare, MSN Messenger, Office Communicator, Live Meeting and their other proprietary solutions...

Eventually, MS will give in and produce their own compatible implementation... then extend it with server-side components that only run on the Wintel platform, and finally break compatibility with everyone else.  Take that to the bank.

realneil 5 years ago

"and finally break compatibility with everyone else"

As they always seem to do,........LOL! No, wait,'s no laughing matter, is it?

gibbersome 5 years ago

Lol, some bold predictions 3vi1!

I saw part of the demo as well, it's like GMail, Youtube, facebook, AIM, Yahoo Games and much much more rolled into one application. It's like email on steroids, on crack and equipped with a BFG 9000.

Great idea, but what kind of impact will it have on the consumer. We'll be much more connected, less privacy as well? It's going to be very interesting.

eunoia 5 years ago


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