Google Offers Rare Glimpse Of Its Top Secret Data Centers

Like many companies, Google goes to great lengths to protect its data centers and the information that resides within them. To help maintain security, Google allows only a small number of employees access to its server floor and other areas of its data centers. While you won't be able to take an in-person tour of a Google data center anytime soon, Google has provided a really cool glimpse into its data centers around the world with beautiful pictures as well as a Street View tour of the North Carolina location. In all, Google operates 13 data centers throughout the world.

Not only does Google have rows and rows of servers, but the company also strives to be energy efficient. Here, you can see the blue LEDs which indicate everything is running smoothly in the Douglas County, Georgia facility.

You'll find thousands of feet of brightly painted pipe inside the Douglas County, Georgia facility as well. Not only do the painted pipes look cool, but the colors also help distinguish which one is which. In this photo, the pink pipe transfers water from the row of chillers (the green units on the left) to an outside cooling tower.

In Hamina, Finland, Google renovated an old paper mill which provides plenty of space for its server floor.

Server racks seem to stretch as far as the eye can see in this photo taken at the Mayes County, Oklahoma data center.

Behind the server aisle, hundreds of fans help cool the servers at the Mayes County, Oklahoma data center.

Here, we see some of the cooling towers at the Council Bluffs, Iowa data center.

It takes a team of people to keep Google running smoothly. Here are some the Google employees who help ensure everything is running smoothly at the Hamina, Finland data center.

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Manduh 2 years ago

Some of those pictures look awesome, very print worthy. I'd hang a couple on my wall :) That was my first time seeing streetview inside a building, very cool. I think I'm going to go check it out some more.


3vi1 2 years ago

Someone over on Reddit posted comparison pics of Bing's data center:

SNeese 2 years ago

Wow! These Google guys get everything! They even get to go ice fishing! :-)

JOMA 2 years ago

Really amazing stuff. Would love to see it in person.

digitaldd 2 years ago

I prefer the google maps street view tour of their NC data center.


It gives you a nice walking tour of the place.

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