Google Glass App Brings Out Your Inner Empath Reading People’s Feelings With ‘Sentiment Analysis’

Alright Google Glass haters, I’m actually kind of with you on this one. A new app for Google Glass (aka “glassware”) is designed to read people’s emotions and respond accordingly, and if there’s anything people dislike more than being stared at by a Google Glass wearer, it’s wondering if that person (most likely in this case a customer service rep) is using your facial expression to calculate your feelings on a product, store, or experience.

Emotient Google Glass

Here’s a wild prediction: Most of the expressions being read will not be happy ones. (Also, there’s a less expensive way to gauge people’s emotions that’s been around for a long time, and it’s called “looking them in the eye”.)


The company behind this particular technology is Emotient, and the glassware is a practical implementation of the company’s facial recognition software, which can track 19 facial muscle movements to determine complex emotions, and it looks at finding seven primary expressions (which are joy, surprise, sadness, anger, fear disgust and contempt) and general feelings of positivity, neutrality, and negativity.

Emotient just secured $6 million in funding, and it hopes that its software will proliferate commercially thanks to the new Emotient API.
Via:  TechCrunch
JaySleven 9 months ago

That's kind of creepy. Like it will be judging me lol

ajm531 9 months ago

dont hate google glass because of what someone else develops for it. That kind of thinking almost puts in the camp of those that fear glass because "i might be recording you all the time. Its just silly. Google glass has all kinds of potential both good and bad. I think its cool personally. I want service to understand my disgust with them when they are lying to me about something that clearly know nothing about thru an app

scolaner 9 months ago

I agree with you ajm531. I'm on record as saying basically what you say here (and in lots and lots of detail), but this particular application just seems over the top to me.

CliffVincent 9 months ago

soon google glass will call your doctor and his phone will make a prescription for anti depressants that Google will administer and if you dont take them you will be labeled a felon.

TeaIce 9 months ago

For aspergers -- can I get a prescription -- to help see other's emotions and social cues?

JefferyPruett 9 months ago

hmm I might could use such a device for picking up the chicks :p

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