GlobalFoundries Details Plans For 2011 And Beyond

On September 1, GlobalFoundries played host to the first annual Global Technology Conference (GTC for short). While there were a fair number of partner presentations on display, the conference was primarily driven by GlobalFoundries executives and announcements. When we spoke to GlobalFoundries in March we remarked on the company's aggressive roadmap; we were curious to see if the company would still be on track six months later...

GlobalFoundries Details Plans For 2011 And Beyond

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lonewolf 4 years ago

Very good article 1st off. Global Foundries will be a nice addition to the chip manufacturing industry. Again the problems that TSMC had as far as delays on the 40nm ATI chips for the 4 and 5 series shows we need a new player in this arena.


realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="lonewolf"]Very good article[/quote]

I agree. Sounds like they've got it together at Global Foundries. They may make their mark in this industry yet, but don't expect Intel to just sit around waiting for it to happen either. They most likely have something up their sleeves, or somewhere hidden, just waiting to spring it on an unsuspecting world.

lonewolf 4 years ago

Yea you can bet Intel is not sitting on their hands, I am sure they are brewing up something in Santa Clara. 

Again though until they get a decent GPU company or Larabee really comes through they are losing ground.


Joel H 4 years ago


Larrabee is dead. Dead dead. Intel has no plans to enter the graphics market at this time with a Larrabee product. In any event, Larrabee would never be a competitor with Bobcat or Bulldozer.

Intel already offers CULV products based on Arrandale (32nm, Core i3, dual-core). If Bobcat looks to be gaining ground on Atom, it's likely that Intel will respond in one or both of two ways: First, it could nudge Atom's speed upwards to 2-2.5GHz. That's 33-66 percent faster than current dual-core Atom's and it would certainly improve performance.

Second, Intel could revise its existing CULV line in order to hit price/performance targets that keep it competitive vs. Bobcat. We don't know which approach the company will choose, but one of these two make the most sense. They also don't require Intel to be sitting on an OMGSECRETWEAPON. Intel will absolutely fight back if Bobcat gains traction, but given AMD's current tiny share of the mobile market there's almost nowhere for the company to go but up.

lonewolf 4 years ago

@ Joel H that is precisely my point Intel IMO is in trouble. I have been saying they "must" buy out Nvidia.

With the merger of CPU/GPU, AMD is in the drivers seat going forward.

As you correctly stated Larabee is dead and I agree so what options does Intel have to fight Bulldozer I don't know.

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="lonewolf"] I have been saying they "must" buy out Nvidia. With the merger of CPU/GPU, AMD is in the drivers seat going forward. [/quote]

I disagree. The acquisition of ATI didn't provide any Silver Bullet for AMD to nail Intel with. Not being a part of the High-End GPU market doesn't mean that Intel's floundering.  Look at the low end segment for a moment, many Intel based on-board video graphics solutions are in use right now? Don't they OWN that segment?

Don't they have a crapload of money laying around just waiting to snap up new technology companies?

Intel has better/smaller 32nm fab processes already in place and producing product as we speak. AMD doesn't yet,......

Intel says that they're on track to further shrink their process again in very little time. I believe them. It will be significant too.

Don't get me wrong,...I want to see AMD succeed. I like to see more than one CPU manufacturer. AMD being here is (what I think) keeping prices out of the Stratosphere. Their CPU's may not be the fastest, but they are usually the best bang for the buck for us low budget gamers and they work well too.

Now,....I'm not counting on winning this contest and getting the Mainboard and Video cards, but if 'it happens', (yeah right!) then I'll build an Intel box right after Christmas. But I expect that it's gonna be a Phenom Hex-Core Black with the same video cards in it because that's what I can afford to do.

Joel H 4 years ago


I agree with RealNeil. Frankly, the latest GPU inside Arrandale provides the hardware decode features that previously weren't included on most Intel G45 chipsets. True, if you're a gamer, Intel GPUs are still substandard, but for everyone else they'll suit--the days of a crawling Vista/Win7 GUI and no HD offload are gone for everything but Atom.

AMD continues to make noise about using the GPU for processing, but noise, thus far, is all it is. The company claims it'll eventually develop a more tightly-integrated version of the CPU/GPU than what we'll see with Llano/Bobcat, but thus far the only company that's heavily invested in GPU offload is the one company without a processor to marry it to. :P

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