Girl Scouts Look To Increase Cookie Sales By Accepting Credit Cards

It's Girl Scout Cookie time again. This time around however, some Girl Scouts in San Diego have a new trick up their sleeves. No longer will the excuse that you don't have any cash give you an out for not buying cookies. It seems everyone carries a credit card these days, so a sampling of Girl Scout troops in San Diego are planning to use a mobile payment solution to enable them to accept all major credit cards at select cookie booths.

To enable these mobile credit card payments, the Girl Scouts will be using iPhones with the morphine marketplace credit card case. Payment will be processed through Intuit's GoPayment application and customers will sign a receipt via the touch screen. In case you were worried, the marketplace case is fitted with instant card-encryption capabilities to ensure your credit card information is secure.

San Diego Troop First in Nation to Accept Mobile Credit Card Payment in Annual Cookie Sale

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Girl Scouts San Diego and mophie™ announced today a partnership that will transform the traditional Girl Scout Cookie Program into a tech-savvy-affair. Starting this week, a sampling of local Girl Scout troops will begin using a mobile payment solution, accepting all major credit cards at select cookie booth locations rather than just accepting cash, traditionally the only way to pay for Girl Scout cookies.

The troops will have iPhones equipped with the mophie marketplace™ credit card case allowing them to accept payment on-the-spot and with the simple swipe of a card. The marketplace case is fitted with instant card-encryption capabilities which ensures that all data is secure the moment the transaction begins. Payment will be processed through Intuit's GoPayment application and customers will sign a receipt via the touch screen, which will then instantly e-mail a record of the purchase to the customer.

"Introducing mobile payments will not only help the San Diego chapter of the Girl Scouts reach their sales goals but also demonstrate how this iconic organization is committed to growing with its members and community," says Susan Schedel, mophie's vice president of sales and marketing. "We hope the mophie marketplace will help the troops gain experience and knowledge about new technology and the value of credit, and that the program will also inspire entrepreneurs young and old to envision their business differently."

"While I don't have a credit card or an iPhone, I see my parents using both on a daily basis, and am really excited to learn more about them," says Girl Scout Shelley Shinohara of Troop 3099. "We're hoping that being able to use credit cards at our site sales will help us reach or troop sales goals, raising enough money to make a trip to San Francisco and cross the Golden Gate Bridge for a Girl Scout ceremony next year!"

While accepting mobile credit card payments is anticipated to increase total cookie sales, Girl Scouts San Diego is also using the new sales tool as an opportunity to teach girls about credit. The mophie marketplace will give girls in the troops hands-on learning about how credit cards work and provide troop leaders with a platform to teach the value of a dollar and how to save and be responsible with money and credit.

"As America's leading financial literacy program for girls, the Girl Scout Cookie Program develops young entrepreneurs who gain valuable life and leadership skills," says Joe Dee C. Jacob, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts San Diego. "The generous sponsorship from mophie helps us teach the girls the value of credit and also allows the community to be involved in the cookie program in a new and innovative way. We rely on the Cookie Program to keep Girl Scouting available and affordable for 30,000 local girls, and look forward to seeing the results generated by this new technology."

San Diego troops will be utilizing the mophie marketplace this weekend at the following locations:

Friday, Feb. 25 from 4:30 to 8 p.m. at Fresh & Easy located at 955 Catalina Blvd., Point Loma, CA 92106

Saturday, Feb. 26 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fresh & Easy located at 955 Catalina Blvd., Point Loma, CA 92106

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infinityzen1 3 years ago

Mmmmm... girl scout cookies.

coolice 3 years ago

Hmm, i hate to be the pessimist, but anyone else see a problem here? giving, okay, well, not all the girls, but some of them a $400 device + a 100$ add on? now i've not lost faith in humanity, but crime and theft does occur, see where i'm going with this?

inspector 3 years ago

WOW, but hey i never even seen a girl scout in my life :P

rapid1 3 years ago

Lol they really have no choice I rarely carry cash as I as well as many, many others just carry a debit card. They should have done this last year if not before.

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