Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 Super OverClock Review

There’s just something about high-end, custom graphics cards that makes us a little giddy. Perhaps it’s their menacing appearance--even the fastest, most powerful processors just look like their lower-end counterparts when sitting side-by-side. But a hulking custom graphics card, with an elaborate, oversized cooler and fierce heat pipes wrapping around a gargantuan heatsink just looks freakin’ cool no matter how you slice it. Whip out a high-end graphics card and a CPU in front of a casual geek and we promise you they’ll point to the graphics card and blurt out, “What the heck is that?” far more often than not.

That’s exactly what happened the first few times we showed the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 Super OverClock to some visitors of the lab. The Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 Super OverClock is one of those rare graphics cards that is virtually indistinguishable from its reference model counterpart, and not only is it completely custom and much larger than a standard GeForce GTX 680, but it’s also clocked higher and has a few additional features, too...

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 Super OverClock Review

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realneil one year ago


I had to look this one up Marco. Thanks for the new word.

I like this video card and it has some very impressive performance.

Marco C one year ago

Killer card, for sure. :) And thank Seth for the word--I had used it in the original text, but spelled it wrong. Seth fixed it while proofing. HAHAHA!

a750gixr one year ago

Giggity, giggity.

FayalAssaad one year ago

Was it too much trouble retesting the 7970 ghz with the latest drivers for a more accurate up to date comparison?

Being 1 or 2 drivers behind is understandable but 13.2 beta 4 is the latest.

Marco C one year ago

The 13.2 betas landed 2 days before this article was published.

HasnainAbbas one year ago

would like to see the review updated with the new drivers for both brands... from what i know... Radeons are currently offering higher performance... tested a HD7970 (none ghz on 13.3 drivers and at 1080p with physicx set to high ( i know its nvidia's gig) and a Overclocked i5 2500k... was giving a fairly decent 38fps...thats not bad considering u have physicx on...

as of time of writing... AMD Radion hd7970 and ghz edition are faster than nvidia's offering in GTX 680:P

well TITAN is another story but if u want to put in a 1k buck card in your system y not spend a little higher and get 2x sapphire hd7970ghz toxic or...even better for 800 u can get 2x hd7970ghz royal ace from club3d...

the club 3d royal ace i tested was the fastest single gpu card on my bench before the arrival of the titan

MatthewDunn one year ago

would love a giveaway with one of these

Clixxer one year ago

Very nice review. Good to see Nvidia and AMD are staying competitive and the manufactures are coming up with different ways to make these cards.

That and depending on what it is now but $479 is a really good price considering the power you are getting.


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