Gigabit WiFi and More: TRENDnet’s Latest Networking Products

TRENDnet is already announcing its next-gen networking products, even though you won’t get to play with them until late this year (unless you’re at CES in a few days). The company’s 1300 Mbps Dual Band Wireless AC Router (TEW-811D), and 1300 Mbps Dual Band Wireless AC Media Bridge (TEW-800MB) utilize the new 802.11ac standard, which promises Gigabit WiFi capability.

The router is dual-band, with a 1300Mbps band for high-performance applications and a 450Mbps 802.11n band for everyday networking. The accompanying media bridge supports up to four devices, and both devices feature WiFi Protected Setup, WMM technology for packet prioritization, and Beam Forming technology. There isn’t yet a set price for the router and media bridge, but TRENDnet has them pegged at somewhere in the neighborhood of $200.

Both appear to feature some sweet-looking graphical designs, too.

TRENDnet also announced the tiny 500 Mbps Compact Powerline AV Adapter (TPL-406E) and the 500 Mbps Compact Powerline AV Adapter Kit (TPL-406E2K); these will be available much earlier, in April. As expected, these powerline devices feature a Sync button to quickly and easily change encryption keys, and they’re designed to save on energy costs.

The powerline adapter will have an MSRP of $59.99 when it launches; the adapter kit, which includes two powerline adapters, will be $99.99.
Via:  TRENDnet
omegadraco 2 years ago

That is going to be awesome :) so much for the need of running wires throughout my house. For now the powerline adapter that I am using will do and soon Gigabit wireless score.

rapid1 2 years ago

Been using a Trendnet wireless N router for 2 years now, Good point is the current router is one they sent me (in 3 days) when my first one went out 9 months into the first year September of 2010. SO I know they build quality products (with great bandwidth and penetration as well as channel picking, N Dedicated and N multi (A,G,N), and B,G - N Seperation) that lasts and that they support there products all the way (for nothing other than one way shipping)!

CWolfe 2 years ago

for $20 i ran cat6 along the wall, under the carpet of my apt. My mobile cant even do full n speeds due to power/hardware restrictions. I'd rather see the focus set on faster internet speeds, no throttling, no caps than faster home networking equipment. Technology is still great and for those that have a use for it, this is awesome. I was only a couple years ago that 11MB wifi was well spread, and we have since made the leap to 52ish then to 100ish, so this is a big leap!

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