Gaming Headset Buyer's Guide & Roundup

For PC gamers, the gear we use to play can provide a tangible edge in our games. Although much noise is made about backlit keyboards boasting gamer oriented layouts and fancy mice with odd shapes, the most important considerations for gaming are still the guts of the gaming machine, a comfortable desk layout, a good monitor and a quality sound reproduction device. While most gamers understand the need for a capable system and a quality monitor, they don't often appreciate that last bit about sound.

Any old speaker will provide the most basic audio cues, but you'll need something better if you want a real competitive edge. To that end, we're going to give you some tips on what to look for in a gaming headphone or headset, then show you several examples of what's available in a mini-review round-up. We didn't just grab the nearest gaming headsets in reach either. Our round-up includes gaming headsets using a variety of signal input and sound output methods to get you started on your headphone/headset hunt. We also threw in some standard analog headphones for comparison and contrast...

Gaming Headset Buyer's Guide & Roundup

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bob_on_the_cob 4 years ago

Hey looks good. I lot of people swear by Plantronics when it comes to gaming headsets. Nice to see other headsets though.

rapid1 4 years ago

Well I am most likely an odd man out here. I don't necessarily use a headset for gaming or at least not only so. I am partially deaf so I use a headset for most audio period. I never use a microphone, and have not done so for years. Although I would not be against a retractable microphone that would almost be a must. I am concerned about audio quality, clarity, and realism almost exclusively. I am also concerned with price though and will not buy a 300 dollar set of cans either. I need a new set personally as one of ours has blown out, and we need a new set. My still existing and my blown out set were Sennheiser units and were good units except one pair blew out. To make it clear I more often than not listen to music while playing rather than game sound.

animatortom 4 years ago
Very well written review!
To bad there were no wireless comparisons:P
IF I were to chose within this range of quality and price, I would chose the The Ear Force X41. They have better specs and are wireless.
bob_on_the_cob 4 years ago

I should invest in a wireless headset. I broke a set once by forgetting they are on my head and getting up and walking off Embarrassed

MrAlex 4 years ago

Head up:

Charcharias is Shark in Greek, so it might be trying to say that specifically :P

Optix 4 years ago

Nice article. I'm on my 2nd try through it since I'm at work.  Most of these are out of my price range but I'm really thinking of digging deep to pick up a set of Trittons.

rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah I need to get some more headphones as well. I need to do more research though as previously mentioned I use headphones with gaming, but have not really been much into the chat functionality. I do however need headphones as I am partially deaf. SO finding data on just straight headphones is not  as easy. I would like having the extra functionality if the sound quality is also top notch (as that's a necessity for me).

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