G.Skill's “Perfect Storm” Memory for Core i7

G.Skill International Co. Ltd., a world leader in extreme performance memory with solid quality, today announces Triple Channel DDR3 2000HMz performance memory at enhanced CL 7-8-7 timings and is designed for the latest Intel® CoreTM i7 processors / Intel® X58 Express Chipset. This combination affords unparalleled performance margins allowing for the very best Overclocking and memory bandwidth.

The “Perfect Storm” series is new from G.SKILL and is equipped with a powerful air-cooling fan to provide outstanding temperature performance, creating the ultimate G.SKILL product that infuses incredible reliability, stability, and extreme performance for all enthusiasts.

A rigorous, 100% hand-tested regime assures all G.SKILL memory products have a solid-quality, superb compatibility and ultimate reliability. With G.SKILL Lifetime Warranty and ever ready technical back-up, the “Perfect Storm” triple channel kit is total solution for extreme performance enthusiasts.

Via:  G-Skill
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peti1212 5 years ago

Wow, I haven't seen such a speed on those timings before, but I am glad that finally we are getting somewhere. And the voltage is pretty low too. I was looking at the second picture and it cought my eye that the cables are cut off where the motherboard is. LOL. It looks better though than just having cables everywhere.

Der Meister 5 years ago

very nice

Kiristo 5 years ago

Hmm, might have to give G.Skill a go instead of OCZ...

tanka12345 5 years ago

Doesn't that memory fan look a bit like Corsair's one?

Anonymous 5 years ago

Yeah except corsairs has 3 fans and the middle one is prone to buzzing like crazy (Been through 3 already)

bob_on_the_cob 5 years ago

I like the look of that fan much more that Corsairs. Bigger fans less noise. Great timings for those speeds as well.

rapid1 5 years ago

Yeah, Bob I like the fan setup better as well. I have some G.Skill in one of my desktops as well for a couple years now and have never had a problem. I have been debating what memory to use when I go for my I7 build OCZ and G.Skill have been my two memory options anyway. It just depends on the price when I am ready to buy my components, if it's to close to matter I will most likely go with OCZ. However with this setup it turns a bit more toward G.Skill. I will however be either disabling the blue LED or changing it to Green as my next builds fans will all be green or off.

Pixelatedaddiction 5 years ago

Speed and good looks everything I look for ;-)

x.clay 5 years ago

very nice set of RAM with impressive performance stats.  I'm glad they moved to dual fans instead of the tri-fans like what is used on the dual channel dominator series.  They are a bit loud.  The LEDs are a nice touch as well but I am kinda surprised they didn't stick with the red theme.  

nelsoncp21 5 years ago

i wonder what kinda noise those fans are putting out. I would also like to see what the difference in temps are with and withoutt he fans. I am guesing they shouldn't get that hot with the voltage anyway not to mention the fact that others said the i7's get funny when you raise up the mem voltage.

paralou 5 years ago

I love it to, and decided to buy 6GB for vision systems, but...

Where to buy from Brussels (Belgium) ?

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