Fujitsu Adds Touch To LifeBook T5010 Convertible Tablet PC

Fujitsu announced a new dual digitizer touch screen function on the 13.3-inch display of the LifeBook T5010 convertible tablet PC. This function brings multi touch input and the support for two-finger touch actions including panning, rotating, flicks, and zooming. Users can easily switch between pen and touch as well. The Windows Vista-based LifeBook T5010 convertible tablet PC is the first in a line of new LifeBook platforms and form factors designed to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Microsoft's soon-to-be-launched Windows 7.

"The LifeBook T5010 convertible tablet PC represents our initial offering in a line of dual digitizer convertibles that take advantage of the advanced capabilities of the anticipated Windows 7 operating system. The benefit of touch is that it's intuitive and practical. Consumers, mobile professionals and students will immediately see the value and convenience it adds to the computing experience," said Paul Moore, senior director of mobile product management, Fujitsu America.

Highlights of the LifeBook T5010 include:
  • NEW optional dual digitizer (active digitizer/capacitive touch) with two-finger support for gestures including zoom, rotate, and flicks; stylus support for inking, editing/annotating files
  • Converts from tablet into a standard notebook with keyboard input using the industry's first bi-directional swivel hinge
  • Weighs approximately 4.5 pounds in weight-saver configuration
  • 13.3-inch mercury-free WXGA bright LED backlight LCD with wide viewing angles
  • Modular bay, which supports an optical drive or optional second battery
  • Optional mobile broadband support on select models (AT&T integrated broadband connect and Verizon Wireless mobile broadband built in)
  • Enterprise manageability support with Intel active management technology
  • Optional Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (free upgrade) and Vista Business (XP downgrade)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor technology
  • Full-size, spill-resistant keyboard with touchpad
  • Optional integrated webcam and (standard) dual digital microphones
  • Full suite of security features: dedicated SmartCard slot, integrated fingerprint sensor, security panel, BIOS and hard drive password protection, embedded TPM 1.2, Computrace BIOS agent.
  • Priced starting at $1,759 with an active digitizer and priced starting at $1,859 with a dual digitizer option. Users can choose from a recommended configuration, or they can customize their LifeBook T5010 convertible tablet PC using the Fujitsu Configure To Order (CTO) program. Available immediately through the Fujitsu website and select retailers/e-tailers.

Via:  Fujitsu
realneil 5 years ago

I have a hard time buying or even considering Fujitsu products for purchase.

Years ago I went to a computer swap meet and bought three brand new Fujitsu hard drives at a good price. Over the course of three months, 2 of them failed within two days. I contacted Fujitsu online and they refused to warranty them because they didn't like that I didn't buy them from somebody "official". Within a month the last one died too. I have never spent any money on anything with that name on it since. "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"

Note that I have been buying at huge discounts at computer swap meets for many years and have never had any problems with any other manufacturer's warranty service.

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