From Bad to Worse, Sony Confirms Another Hacker Attack

Sony hardly needs any more negative PR. This is the same company that got caught installing rootkits on computers, and more recently, released a bevy of legal hounds on notorious PlayStation modder George Hotz. But folks, what Sony needs is hardly of concern at this point. Much more pressing is the fact that hackers who broke into Sony Online Entertainment's servers may have stolen personal information for as many as 24.6 million accounts.

What exactly was compromised? Oh, just customer names, addresses, email accounts, birthdates, their gender, phone numbers, login names, and hashed passwords. You know, pretty much the very information you'd prefer not fall into the hands of bad guys. But wait, it gets worse.

Sony also said that information from an outdated database that may have been compromised included "approximately 12,700 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates (but not credit card security codes), and about 10,700 direct debit records of certain customers in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain." Um, way to go Sony?

Perhaps most egregious, or at least equally so, is that Sony's systems were compromised in such a massive manner a little over two weeks ago. How's that for a slow-as-molasses response time?

On the bright side, Sony said it is granting customers 30 days of additional time on their subscriptions, in addition to compensating them one day for each day the SOE servers are down. Sony's also in the process of outlining a 'make good' plan for its PlayStation 3 MMOs (DC Universe Online and Free Realms), which the company will outline later this week.
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jonation 3 years ago

outdated database... then why leave it online?

fat78 3 years ago

hahahaha. Nice customer protection.

dadodgeson 3 years ago

i don't think that Sony was putting key loggers in there laptops even Microsoft said it was security essentials it just looked like key logger I'm not a fan of soe any way don't play any of there games (did the bata for dc online ) soI'm probable in there some were---- out dated data base what jackas_es

between them and tom tom i could get a speeding ticket and lose all my money at one time

so crap couldn't even pay the fine

if Sony had sold the info (like tom tom did) it would be better thin just not worrying about our security

AKwyn 3 years ago

This requires no comment alone; Sony needed to secure their servers like months ago.

LBowen 3 years ago

Nothing says it better than a Picard face palm.

inspector 3 years ago

LOL, wow. Sucks for who ever is working on these sections over at Sony... Get better workers that will do the job right :)

omegadraco 3 years ago

Someone so is getting fired... They must have been too busy securing their PSN section to worry about the rest of their network and customers.

coolice 3 years ago

Ohh Sony

HHGrrl 3 years ago

I don't envy Sony's PR people right now. It wasn't their fault, yet they have quite the mess to try to clean up.

Please note, I'm not trying to minimize the effect for the customers' whose info was stolen--this sucks big time!

rapid1 3 years ago

No Omegadraco one of there directors will probably pull a Seppuku in the company court yard this weekend. Either way it really makes no sense to me. Sony bought out the company (released on the 16th of March, 1999) that made Everquest 11 years ago or more. This means they have had an online player account data base (since 989 studios which was the second sticker next to Verant on the original EQ box) for over a decade. They also seem to still be running the same security standards and methods.

DHampton 3 years ago

It was there fault they attacked a underground community icon. Starting a battle they cant win all for some guy turning a feature on that sony took away after customers purchased it. So it was sony killing the little peoples robin hood.

Then they had unsecure servers and left user information on those same publicly accessible unsecure servers.

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