FreedomPop CEO ‘Declares War’ On Mobile Industry, Intros $5 Monthly Unlimited Voice And Text Plan

Mobile upstart FreedomPop continues to do brisk business, augmenting its free smartphone plans with a $5 per month unlimited talk and text plan. The plan actually starts at $4.58 per month, which is incredibly low for any mobile plan at all.

In comments distributed in a press release, FreedomPop CEO Stephen Sokols made it clear that this is part of his worldview, not just a clever business practice. “With these new pricing plans we are declaring war on an industry that has for too long taken advantage of consumers and only widened the digital divide,” he said. “We not only offer 12 months of comparable service for the price of 1 month, but all the billing complexity that frustrates users is gone. There is no need for an annual contract when the total annual cost is under $100.”


FreedomPop says that it has about half a million users participating in its beta program and has now added the Samsung Galaxy S II--at a cost of $169--as a handset option with the service.

It’s too bad that the $5/mo plan doesn’t include data, but it’s still a heck of a deal. FreedomPop’s free smartphone plan includes 200 voice minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data. You can see if service is available in your area here.
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DonEdwardsJr 10 months ago

Next get some cheap data. Then you blow everyone out of the water

JulinRenSilva 10 months ago

This company is almost an outright fraud. Look on the reviews. They opt for the same hidden fees as big cellphone companies. Too good to be true.

digitaldd 10 months ago

Karma is another interesting company offering the same kind of service. You share your connection and when people connect through you you earn more data. if you want to buy more data its $10-15 per Gigabyte.


NEHopkins 8 days ago

Freedom Pop SUCKS. Avoid at all cost if you are a consumer. This Freedom Pop review is very negative. Ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 and prepaid for 1 year's service so my daughter could have a phone. Ordered phone 10/12/14. Arrived a month later (11/8/14) and worked for 3 hours. Sent phone back on 11/12/14 and finally got another phone (reconditioned same phone or a different reconditioned phone?) also dirty and phone never fired up. Dead as in DEAD. No noise, nothing. Like being in outer space except I could hear my daughter crying when I told her the Freedom Pop representative was going to send a new battery at "least more than a week from today" but uncertain when. What enrages me is that we PREPAID for this pile of manure. Horrible customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am telling everyone I know to stay away.

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